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‘From Home To Rendezvous’ is now ‘An Escape To Rendezvous

Thanks to everyone who read my first novelette, From Home to Rendezvous, on this blog. 

Your comments and feedback gave me so much joy. 

Let me take you back a little to the story behind the story.

What if the person who saves you is also ruining your life? This idea was the little seed that came to my mind when I began to scribble on many A4 papers around December last year. My character emerged as a teenager, and she is girl. I thought I would mess it up as a male writer, but somehow, the story took a direction of its own. The main character surprised me, and it became an interesting story.

I shared it with the readers of Moskedapages a couple of months ago, and the comments and feedback were kind. I still go back to feed my heart with some of them when I’m working on another story. 

Isn’t that the dream of every writer? That his reader should find his works pleasurable? 

Some of the kind readers pointed out what to improve and change. The comments were generally of great value to my writing in general. 

So, here are the good things that happened after sharing the story here. 

  • I contacted a friend who happens to be an editor. We edited the work from scratch — making surgery to every part of the story.
  • I asked someone to design a cover, which you can see here. (It was the little I could afford.)
  • I also recheck all the comments the reader of Moskedpges gave while editing.

The editing process was challenging, but it was beneficial. It is like taking a course on improving writing on its own. (It also coincided with that time when Sally Dadzie was educating us on the process of creating wonderful characters, which was also helpful). 

In short, l used all lessons and sought help, and the title of the story changed to An Escape to Rendezvous. 

The edited version of the work is now available on Okadabooks, and the price is #500. Think of the price like the transport fare you pay for a bus ride with an amazing 16-year-old called Martha Ajasin. 

Martha ran away from her home to Lagos when her foster father wouldn’t let her grow into adulthood in peace. In Lagos, she has to work as a stripper in a place called Rendezvous club. Every moral she learned as a young girl were taken away and replaced with the knowledge of being a rich stripper. 

There is Uchenna, a 39-year-old police officer with whom she falls in love. 

The short romance between her and Ayo, her stepbrother, reminds us of the beauty of teenage love stories. It didn’t last, though, because of foreseen and unforeseen circumstances.

She finally pulls up the courage to go back to Abeokuta to challenge her foster father. 

On that same day, she will be questioned about the murder of her stepbrother. 

Yet Officer Unchenna still has an effect on her. 

Martha will reflect with you, question you, and make mistakes we can all learn from. 

I enjoyed telling her story, and I hope you enjoy reading this work. 

Here is the link for you to get a copy of the book: 

 Enjoy the ride.


Hadeh is a fiction lover, a travel enthusiast, and a reader. When he is not fantasizing about a kingdom that never existed or what loves look like in the era of the missionaries, he would be reading or listening to songs. He loves writing. He wrote a couple of short stories including 'Everything You Need To Know About a Male Dog' (which is on this blog) and 'Welcome To Lagos' (which was shortlisted for the UnionBank Campus Writing Challenge). He shares his stories on

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