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IANS, New Series and Goodbye 2016

The year has come to an end and I’m glad to be here, still writing.

It has been an eventful year for me. A tough one for all of us, I guess. Nigeria has never been this depressing but somehow we made it.

My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones this year. Be consoled. May peace find rest in your hearts.

So, I just want to thank all of you for riding with me this year. Every single person. For coming here, reading, commenting, sharing, buying my books, checking up on me, praying for me, telling people about my work… I owe you so much.

And you know my thanks will not be complete without our famous kiss

I will be putting up a couple of IANS episodes to mark off the end of the year here. When the new year commences, we will resume. Other contributing writers will still be here. Nothing changes. And maybe when we return, the site will have a new theme. Those people refused to refund my money *weeps. So I guess I’ll have to use the one they gave me. It’s a simple theme but I’m not in love with it like that.

By January, we’ll start a new series titles ‘Stranger in Lagos’ I think I have mentioned the seriesΒ before but took all the characters to Boys With Toys. They didn’t quite fit there.

Boys With Toys… I don’t know what to do with it. It’s just there. Please, don’t ask me about it. Just take it as one of those ‘jara’ series. If you see it, you thank God. If you don’t, don’t bug your head about it. Same with The Immortals’ Code.

Some of you have been on my neck to continue His Little Black Book. Especially Anna fans. Well, let me be honest here. Even if I continue it (which is a high possibility), Anna will not get the man. She will forever be a sidechick. He already has the love of his life. So, please let that sink in so that when you see the book and you hold your breath and read the end, you don’t come cursing me.

Earlier this year when I introduced The Fourth Finger to you guys, many of you were looking at me with one kain eye. I remember someone said in a comment, “I’m not even feeling this story”. I had to pause it for a while, so that the lack of response will not affect my writing and then I shut everything out and I did a marathon. In the end of the marathon, na una come dey cry for more. And we all know how The Fourth Finger exceeded all our expectations.

Why am I saying this?

When I come with Stranger In Lagos, if you like love it; if you like hate it. It will be another blockbuster – By God’s grace. All I want from you is your support – and this comes in comments and shares. Someone (Biodun) expressed unhappiness over the feedback gotten here on Darker Berry the other day. And to be honest, he expressed my thoughts.Β But these days, I am too tired to beg for comments, because it begins to sound like I don’t know the worth of my work. Like, I need you to tell me what you read is good. If you have followed me long enough, you will know that this conversation is not new. I never stop talking about the need for you to be active here.

If you’re new here, then I think I may need to explain to you how we connect here. Moskedapages is not a place where Sally writes, and others read. It may seem so but it is not. It’s a community of readers and writers. We write, you read, you tell us stuff about what you read. So please, don’t be a ghost.

Somebody talked about swelling my head. Oh yes, I love that but can I be honest? I’m not so crazy about it. I’d rather have you talk about the story. You read it, it stirred something (good or bad), then please talk about it. Tell me what you feel about the characters and the plot. It helps a lot. Sometimes it takes me two weeks to write a single episode and it hurts that you will read and just walk away. Do you know what it does? It’s like you’re telling me my work sucks.

Creatives are fragile. We build something out of nothing and then sit and look at it and begin to panic that nobody will like it. Most creatives suffer from self-esteem issues. I’m not excluded. Many of us hide our work for years and then release them only when we’re sure that at least part of it is good. I work with a lot of writers who are so afraid to release their books or any story they have written. Most of them have done so but they stopped because – as one said – ‘nobody was commenting. That means it was bad.’

He took the words right out of my mouth. In my response to Biodun, IΒ stated that if we relied on comments, we won’t be writing. And that’s partly true. I thank God for a husband who thinks the shitiest thing I write is gold. And then I have you guys who keep me going with your words. Even if you come here and say ‘Kasiobi is a fool!’ and that’s all you comment, I’m good with it.

I will admit that I haven’t been responding to comments as I used to. I am sorry. I have been writing a lot from the middle of the year. I also ghost-wrote a book and edited two of them and I also work somewhere too. Combine them with kids and all that and you get the full story. Please don’t go telling me sorry in the comment box, it’s my life. I love it as hectic as it is. That’s what growing up is about. I’m not sad or sorry for it.

So please, comment. Talk to me, talk to the other writers here. We’ll love to hear from you.

Let me list how your awesomeness helps because you people don’t even know what you do.

When you comment:

  1. You keep me going. You tell me to keep writing no matter how bad I am.
  2. You give me ideas. A seemingly innocent comment might give me a lightbulb moment.
  3. You steer me away from cliche plots. I might be planning to go a certain way but when I see you guys predicting that way, you plunge me into looking for something better.
  4. You help me with my mistakes. Some of you directly point them out, some of you ask questions that make me realize I have gawked somewhere.
  5. You make me love my own story. Believe it or not. Sometimes I don’t know the depth of what I’m writing. I get too technical or two despising of my own story. And then you guys come and talk about how much it has affected you and I go back and be like ‘na me write dis thing?’
  6. You make me smile. Literally. I see a comment come in and I just smile.

So, shey you can see how much I love you guys.

Thank you again for this year. Especially to Baby Afolarin who was named after Afolarin Adediran in The Fourth Finger. Have a beautiful holiday, Folarin.

Merry Christmas, everyone, and a Happy New Year!

Have a look at the featured image for Stranger In Lagos below.


God bless you!

P.S: If you don’t have a collection of my books and you want it for free, you can get it as a Christmas present. Just tell me where the lady in the image above is coming from. First person who answers correctly wins.


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  1. Biodun says:

    I have all your books but I for like win them again. Anyways, I’m not playing to win. Just guessing that the girl in the pic whent to see her man and she caught him with another woman, so she’s crying in the rain, all the way home
    Merry Christmas, Sally
    And to baby Afolarin

    1. Sally says:

      Nice one but not close…

  2. zhane says:

    Nice one Sally. She’s coming from a night club.

    1. Sally says:

      Unfortunately, you didn’t get the answer right.

      But it’s great to see you here after a while. Have a lovely week

  3. MissBosola says:

    Hello Sally, I must commend you for all your stories, they kept me guessing what’s next. I know sometimes I don’t comment, work or the network is usually the cause . But I promise 2017 will be different and it all applies to other writers too. Have a lovely Christmas and Happy new year cheers!

    1. Sally says:

      Thank you, Bosola
      God bless!

  4. Just Dotun says:

    Hey Sally. Love you for everything you have done this year since I stumbled on you website. Looking forward to more. My guess is the Lady is disoriented either from a heartbreaking news or incident, walking in the streets of Lagos indeed rain.

    1. Sally says:

      Hi Dotun
      Thanks you for being here as well. You know me an my love for you πŸ˜‰

      On your guess as to where she’s coming from…it’s wrong. πŸ™

  5. mahbub says:

    it’s probably a failed dinner

    1. Sally says:

      Hi Mahbub,
      You got it! Congratulations~
      Please send me an email to moskedapages@gmail.com so I can get your accurate email address and send you the books

      1. Mahbub says:

        I’ll take these as my birthday gift….

        I’m so glad… Thanks a bunch??

  6. Chidiogo says:

    Hello Sally!! Please keep up the good work. The lady is coming from the motor park.

    1. Sally says:

      She’s not from the motor park

      thank you for your time here, Chidiogo.

  7. Just here to say I love you sally. Keep making us happy with your writings.

    1. Sally says:

      I’ll do my best, Lohla. Thank you

  8. sally all your stories have been hits back to back ,you really made this year fun.i also rarely comment due to network and phone issues but i promise to do better come 2017,merry christmas and a happy new year

    1. Sally says:

      Happy new year, Wendy
      I’ll hold you to your 2017 promise πŸ˜‰

  9. JK says:

    Hello Sally! Thanks for your work.

    I think I have all your work ….. but i guess she is coming from an audition. Maybe for a modelling acting or escort job.

    1. Sally says:

      Aww, you didn’t guess correctly, JK

      Thanks for riding with moskedapages

  10. Ohitare says:

    Maybe the beach? I say that ‘cos she is not wearing her shoes.
    I think I have all your books btw.
    I know am guilty of not commenting but you know how I love what you do Sally.

    1. Sally says:

      Ohitare, great to see you here. Thank you for the support.
      It’s not the beach though

  11. adebayo says:

    Ever since my friend Damilola told me about moskedapages one afternoon this year when I had nothing to read…I have been hooked and I have spread this gospel.
    Thank you for this year…for all the stories, characters and introducing us to other writers…for Jideofor and Honey (my favs)..
    I love boys with toys o but I’ve taken it as ‘jara’.
    Merry Christmas Sally (in advance)…2017 will be a blast.

    IANS would make a great movie or even tv series..

    1. Sally says:

      Thank you so much Adebayo. You rock!

  12. Sarrie says:

    Thank you sally, you made this year worth my while literature wise. Looking forward to 2017 with you.

    1. Sally says:

      Same here, Sarrie. Thank you

  13. Eunice says:

    ? Sally,
    Your writing is beautiful although there are times I get mad at you when something bad happens to my favorite characters(Like Mymood n WooWoo), but still I don’t get mad for long..cos I can’t resist me some Sally’s stories. I believe in you n in Stranger in Lagos. 2017 will be fabulous.??

    As for the lady in the image…she looks disoriented…so maybe she was raped or something. A random guess?

    1. Sally says:

      Thank you, Eunice.
      Yes, to 2017 being fabulous

      As for the lady in the pic, you didn’t guess right, dear. She was returning from a failed dinner. Someone above answered it.

  14. Jumes says:

    Hello Sally…You’re the bestest writer ever. I don’t comment sometimes because it’s not every time i have something to say…
    I think the lady is coming back from work or she’s coming from a date or she’s coming from a meeting? ?

    1. Sally says:

      Thank you, Jumes.
      Much love

      Someone above already answered the question.

  15. Chidinma says:

    Hi Sally,
    Thanks for your amazing works so far…I pray you get more insight and inspiration for more amazing stories.

    To the question…u I can get philosophical…I would go with what the words connote.
    City…would be a place of possibilities
    Stranger…not known

    So an unknown person coming into her own self, leaving her/his place/point of obscurity. Making her way into possibility (cos of the heels in her hands).

    Hope I am close (cover face)
    I promise to be more active (no more secretary of ghost reader…officially tendering my resignation…lol).

    God bless you Sally

    1. Sally says:

      Resignation accepted. Lol!
      Thank you, Chidinma

      And I liked the angle you took, which perfectly fits with the character. Nice one

  16. Chidinma says:

    Hi Sally,
    Thanks for your amazing works so far…I pray you get more insight and inspiration for more amazing stories.

    To the question…u I can get philosophical…I would go with what the words connote.
    City…would be a place of possibilities
    Stranger…not known

    So an unknown person coming into her own self, leaving her/his place/point of obscurity. Making her way into possibility (cos of the heels in her hands).
    Hope I am close (cover face)

    I promise to be more active (no more secretary of ghost reader club…officially tendering my resignation…lol).

    God bless you Sally

  17. jisola says:

    This is probably my first time of commenting here. You are a brilliant writer, I love all the stories I’ve read here. Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year to you and yours. Much love

    1. Sally says:

      *rings the welcome bell for you

      Thank you, Jisola

  18. Eunice says:

    I super love you Sally and I love the stories too. BF knows I don’t joke with keeping up with your stories and he is thinking of reading some of your work too. I apologize I don’t comment all the time but it’s going to be different 2017.
    Merry Xmas to you and your family!x

    1. Sally says:

      Merry christmas to you too. My love to your boyfriend

  19. wumi says:

    my husband said she is coming from an interview.

    1. JK says:

      I thought so at first. But her dress seem too short for an interview

    2. Sally says:

      No, it’s not an interview, dear

  20. Deyrinsola says:

    Hi aunt sally, am nt really new here bt i thought you had to register before you comment so that why but recently just figured it out. so let me use this opportunity to tell you that you are the BOMB, i know you have heard that a lot but it nothing but the truth. About the picture i think the lady is coming from the village

    1. Sally says:

      Welcome aboard. Thank you for being here

      The lady is not coming from the village

  21. Tosin says:

    Hello Sally. It’s been a great year on moskeda. Glad to know a new series is coming. As for the girl, she’s coming from a wedding

  22. Toeme says:

    Sally, First time commenting!! I got introduced to your blog this year, and i must say you have blown me away!! You are indeed an amazing writer! I have told everyone i know who likes to read about you! Welldone!!! Looking forward to more amazing stories from you.

    1. Sally says:

      Yayy! Welcome Toeme
      Kisses and hugs from everyone
      Glad to have you aboard

  23. first time of commenting, sally u re a great writer and i always luk forward to read ur work everyday, pls sally i can’t wait for u to post IANS

    1. Sally says:

      Welcome, Ify.
      *tolling the welcome bell
      *singing the welcome song

      God bless, dear

  24. thank you Sally for adding color to my 2016,I sure enjoyed your stories. I hardly ever get to comment but just know that I appreciate what u do n may ideas n stories never cease flowing for u.HV a merry Xmas n a wonderful 2017.

    1. Sally says:

      You too, Onyichick

  25. Tanti says:

    You are such a great writer.
    I appreciate ur work so much.
    Happy New Year.
    Mmm the Lady is coming from a party.
    Gone there with her hubby or BF but was surprise…. Badly….???
    Greetings to ur From ur loyal Ghana lady…

    1. Sally says:

      Hi Tanti
      Nice to have you here. Blowing kisses your way
      Thanks for the love

  26. Happiness says:

    Ma Sally, you are the best. I appreciate you encouraging other up coming writers, memoirs of a repentant escort, best man duty and girls are all hit series by great writers in the making, Hapi Christmas and a fabulous new year

    1. Sally says:

      Thank you, dear Happiness

  27. Ayo says:

    ha aunty Sally, I promise, I promise to repent. when I see comments here I’ll just feel like what else can I type after all those finely placed words just for ur stories…. believe me I feel somewhat intimidated (make I no go goof off) but ma’am, I’ll start commenting and saying my mind.
    I just don’t have d slightest idea where d lady is coming from…

    1. Sally says:

      Thanks for being honest, Ayo

  28. Vikki says:

    Aunty Sally, I always anticipate your stories. As per comments, sometimes I’m afraid to drop comments cox of fear of saying something that’s not in the same dimension as your intelligence and creativity. My apologies for that,promise to always drop my comments no matter how silly it may sound in my head. Thank you so much for been the best of you always and adding colour to my 2016…2017 letzz go there gaan

  29. Reni says:

    kudos to u for all ur good work. I did try to be a better ‘non-ghost-reader ‘ this year…
    I introduced a friend… and my guy is hooked….he could relate with Jide on some levels… which is what I love about your writing., the stories… the characters are very relatable. and I love how u introduce social issues into the stories.
    so, e kuuse! ?(well done).

    the pic, she was just scammed?

  30. calabar gal says:

    Merry Xmas in advance Sally. I must admit I am a silent reader sometimes. When the work is so good it leaves u in awe, you sit back and ponder silently how brilliant it was. πŸ™‚ Will repent in 2017. πŸ™‚

  31. tee says:

    Welldone sally. You are the best

  32. Esson says:

    I am one of those constant ghost readers. funny enough I hardly go a day without checking for something new on here. Been so but I think I would get the fourth finger to read this festive period. funny enough it’s my two favourite series Boys with toys and immortals code that have been coming irregularly but then I will patiently wait. more ink to your pen as you continue to wow us into the New Year.

  33. Erinayo says:

    Hey sally, you are an amazing writer and I love all your works back to back. Though I dont comment all the time but I will try harder by 2017, its a promise. As for the lady in the picture, I think she is coming from the club. Have a splendid Christmas and an amazing new year.

  34. Chai! See comments na! Anyway sally I only want to send much luv and blessings to your family for supporting your awesomeness. Keep doing you. But wait oooo I wish I could shout how much I love boys with toys from aso rock’s roof so you know how much I miss it. Have a wonderful holiday season.

  35. Cupid says:

    moskedapages tops the list of my bookmarks, my day starts with the blog as an housewife. You are truly loved dear. Am guilty of not commenting but as from this day henceforth, I cast and bind the spirit of ghostreadism. Amen.

  36. classiq says:

    Hello Sally, just know you are well appreciated even if we comment here or not. You know how we do our own, Dms most of the time *winks*. Reading your stories made me smile a whole lot. God bless you and yours. Have a great Christmas and a happy new year in advance.

  37. Olawumi says:

    Sally I found your page tro tomilola ‘s page. Nd I get stuck since den. May God put more ink into ur pen.

  38. jacy says:

    hello dear….your books are awesome…especially the fourth finger..it taught me the act of forgiveness..afolarine is a strong man, it only takes the grace of God to accept christie the way he did..it made me wonder if personality like him exist..#smiles..i love characters like Andrea, mrs joyce.kudos to them…merry Christmas to you and ur family and above all Gods continious favor.about the money dat was not returned,i want to let you know dat difficult road often leads to beautiful destination..you rock dear…please want to ask you..should church be a thing of major concern for an intending couple..like he goes to Sabbath and you a winner’s..you can’t adapt so it ain’t working with you guys.thanks in anticipation

  39. Simplygold says:

    Thanks for beautiful 2016. More grease to your elbow.

  40. Iyanu says:

    My dearest aunt sally you made my 2016 your books are amazing I love love you ? am sorry I get into the ghost mood sometimes merry Christmas and a prosperous New year. Please I haven’t been getting updates in my mailbox for a while now so I unsubscribed to resubscribe but I couldn’t subscribe please could you help me look into it thank you soo much

  41. folakemi says:

    Hmm Madam Sally I apologize on behalf of all the Ghost reader association we are sincerely sorry and promise to change as from 2017
    And as for me I do comment, it’s not just on regular basis due to network at times I AM SORRY
    Still confuse about not receiving post on my email plz help to rectify it
    Thanks for all the 2016 posts tho am yet to have all ur books esp. The fourth finger.
    And to our featured bloggers we appreciate u all cuz if not for una wey dey write wtin we wan come read, Aside the fun and laughter that comes with each post am very sure we all have learnt one lesson or the other from it. I salute Una
    Wishing u all a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year in Advance
    Love u xoxo

  42. Chinyere says:

    Hi,Sally. I confess I am a ghost reader. You write so beautifully. I’ve always longed to read stories with our naija background and you deliver them so well. The way you describe the feelings of your characters, especially those ones in love, chai!,exactly the way I long to be loved. l promise to comment regularly. Pleaaaassssse, don’t ever stop writing. I look forward to your stories. How can I get the remaining part of the fourth finger, I don’t want to go through okada books, thank you so much. Sorry for the epistle.

  43. Rikitava says:

    Sally!!!!! ??????????????????????????? You already know how I feel bou you.

  44. gbemmy says:

    sal sally, you made this year fun for me. I can say I switched to android from bb so I could download okadabooks becos of “the fourth finger” which I read and loved though I still think d end is made missing some action.
    year 2017, I wish you just one thing: perfect health.

    you know I be your stalker na ?………..have a wonderful crossover

  45. Ituajude says:

    Sally Sally, truly I want to thank you for the quality of work which you consistently put out. I have no idea of what happens in your personal space nor how much sacrifice you make to keep us entertained, but you make it seem so easy.
    In this yuletide season, may God, the giver of all good things, bless and increase your talents and capabilities.
    Can’t wait to read what you’re cooking for 2017!!

    PS: I’ve been following your blog since mid 2014 & I apologise for not dropping comments as often as I read.

  46. wasmakelly says:

    been long i commented, fone ish, but all the way we give God the grace, cos he has been kind to us all. more blessing IJN Amen

  47. Seye says:

    Where do I start the epistle?
    From here maybe, thank you Sally..m.for the very alive stories, for giving others (including me) the platform to share what we have written, for every word typed, every minute spent putting them serials together. God bless you.
    I really wish people know how much comments drive people, and how much idea it gives to the writer.
    Thank you for squeezing the time to run the home front and make sure your writings don’t come with reduced quality.
    I write epistles as comments, and I won’t stop.
    Thank you Slly, and thank you Moskedites πŸ˜€

    1. favour says:


  48. AJ says:

    Hi Sally! I’ve been a huge fan of ur work for quite a while now and literally keep refreshing this page every other day for new stories and seeing a new episode always makes me shriek for joy and stop everything I’m doing, findING and going 2 a quiet place in the office or home and just reading and re-reading to my hearts content! Thank you for making my 2016 happier and more thrilling with your words and stories! I don’t comment as I should but this is to let u know I love ur work and if u should stop, i’ll probably fly 2 Nigeria just 2 find out why! Lol! I look forward to Christmas episodes and would love to get ur Christmas set as well! Sending u loads of love and kisses from Ghana!!

  49. favour says:


    I don’t get why people are not feeling the darker berry too much..like I am.totally in love with it

    Looking forward to stranger in Lagos

    Compliments of the season Sally

  50. Onyinye says:

    Hello Sally, moskedapages is the best ever. And I want to commend you and all other features writers for brightening most of my boring and gloomy days with the stories. Cheers to a better 2017

  51. Amina says:

    Let me “re kiss” you for making this year filled with beautiful stories. Just knowing an episode of your story is coming makes me happy.

  52. Omec says:

    you are a baddas writer, sum1 close to bn a genius. we love u nd ur stories.

  53. Racheal says:

    Sally, a HUGE THANK YOU won’t be enough to express how moskedapages have touched me this year, I’ve had to go through one of the saddest moments in 2016 but this blog has been super amazing, thank you for Honey, Jide, Celia, Peace, kasi, mymood, Genesis, Emeka and every other super amazing characters your beautiful mind has created, THANK YOU for adding smiles to my 2016. I can’t wait for 2017

  54. ayo says:

    Ahan… all dese comments bfr me??? u ppl cannot wait fr me abi? okk oo.. Honestly, Sally u r d best and u r so sweet like a chocolate like i always say and may God continue to reward u, more grace too. You write so wonderfully well dat I think if u r doing anything else aside writing den u r wrong(lols) and I’ve been glued here for some years now.. This year’s been awesome with u and I won The Fourth Finger e-book also, yea I lost a loved one dis year and it still breaks my heart but what can I do but thank God.
    I’m guilty of not commenting all d time but I promise to improve come 2017.. I love you. . chop kiss

  55. lilian says:

    Hey sally, I officially join those who have given up the ghost mode life. As for me I’m a pharmacist and always save ur books to read when I’m on night duty and it always excites me and I have caught myself screaming one too many times.
    Shhhha sally I wish u a wonderful holiday period and look forward to a beautiful 2017.
    Ps u made 2016 more bearable for a lot of us.

  56. Omotola says:

    Well done Sally, sorry I’ve been a ghost reader, I shall do better next year ?? by God’s grace.

  57. adeola gem says:

    wow! 2017 is gonna be awesome in shaa Allah. I can feel it in my bone. Ms sally, it is no secret that you made our 2016 interesting and exciting…from your captivating and expressive episodes to your guest writers and the new blog – walls of accents… Thank you ma’am. May everything good and every good things come your way come 2017. And so shall it be for all of us. I repeat, you are a life safer. Words can’t really express the love and respect I have for you. Best wishes and warm regards to oga Owen, Kay and bobo. In Jennifer’s voice- kisses!

  58. Akua says:

    Stumbled across your blog by chance and has been hooked since after spending all night reading The fourth finger and Novocaine Knights. This should tell you how good your stories are. I have lately commented on some of the stories but I must say mostly I am one of the silent ones. Not because they are not good all the stories by you and the other writers are super oho. I pray my ideas for you for future episodes and stories.
    I think the girl might be hurrying away from a boyfriend’s house probably a sugar daddy who’s wife turned up when things were heating up so sneaked out in order not to he caught.
    Merry Christmas to you and all the other writers.

  59. Toyenlon says:

    Thanks dear. It’s been a great ride with you on your blog, and i pray for more inspiration for you. Wishing you a merry Christmas and a prosperous 2017 in advance.

  60. kay says:

    lol Sally… didn’t know you felt that way when I don’t comment…anyways ya the one that would beg us to stop commenting after we bombard u with commmmmmeeeennntttsssss

  61. kay says:

    oh before I forget sally, it’s no news that writers are the engineers of the soul,you’ve been the best all year round,how do you manage to do that tho,anyways I’ve decided to migrate from the ghost mode come 2017…merry Christmas in advance

  62. I am Sally number one fan. I read a lot and when I recommend authors to people just know you are always in the top list. Heck I even gifted someone a grill and read ticket just so He can come and see you.

    We appreciate every single word you write and how this village ( yes o Moskedapages is now like a community) connects many writers and readers alike.

    Thank you to all the writers who have contributed in one way or the other to fuel our addiction. Merry Christmas to you guys.

    Much love

  63. ojay says:

    Thanks for the lovely stories you have churned out to us readers also I would like to appreciate you for the platform you have given to other writers and the constant encouragement to ensure we read their work too. More ink to your biro!!

  64. Haleemah says:

    Sally, me I’m not a literary icon like you o, so I don’t have big English to speak (LOL!) just a show of appreciation. And baby Afolarin says a huge thank you to you (and everyone) for the greetings. It’s been about a week you posted this but we’re only getting round to reading and commenting now. may your ink (and ideas) never dry up. Happy holidays to Kayla, Zane, mum and dad. Cheers!

  65. Calliboom says:

    HI Sally want to commend you for the good work you have been doing, you books has changed my way of thinking and to be patient ,and help to shape my relationship with people around me…. I love you to the moon and back…. merry Christmas to you and your

  66. Ayshshat Hussayn says:

    Aunty Sally…you are the best, May your pen never lack ink… I wish you all the beautiful things this life has to offer. love you all the time. you work never sucks

  67. Mc Matiki says:

    *kneels down as I sprinkle holy water on my ghost reader side*

    it had been an amazing year. thank you for giving me something to look forward to. thank you for giving me hope that I can do this too someday.

    stranger in Lagos makes me imagine my fate in 2017. afraid is katching me for myself.

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