It’s Another Saturday…#26

Good evening, my people!

I promised to give you info about Boys With Toys. It’s not so good news. So here it goes…

The book is not ready for publishing. I know I promised but I have done everything to keep the promise and yet that little part of me that says not yet has been saying not yet quite a lot. It’s finished but I just feel something is missing. It’s there, edited by my good friend, Uche but I can’t exactly say what’s missing. And I’m not about to put out something that I’m not 100% comfortable with. Usually with such stories, I leave it to rest for a while and review it with fresh eyes later, so hopefully I’ll find that missing thing.

Again, I apologize for raising your hopes. I am as disappointed as you, having planned for something and it doesn’t come out the way I want. But you know me; I will always make up for it.

I won’t sha announce next time until I am very sure. The book will just be published and then I can tell you later.

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And here’s Another Saturday…

Emeka’s Blues

It is Oba who brings her to my house late at night because my parents won’t take her in. They have had just about enough with Emeka and his women issues.

“Jide, if you talk to your brotehr, tell him to be a man, for God’s sake,” my mom pleads on the phone as I open the door to let Oba and Yazmin in. “We can’t keep taking on his responsibilities.”

According to the story, Emeka took Tobe from Yazmin and abandoned her for five days. Presently, she is ill. Oba brings her in, literally helping her walk. For the zillionth time, I want to punch Emeka really hard in his face. Whatever she has done to him, this is no way to treat a woman. It is totally irresponsible and I’m fed up with his nonsense.

“Yazmin, tell me how you feel?”


“I mean, literally. You feel feverish, any pain, headache…”

“Really, I’m heartbroken.” She shivers. “This is not the first time it’s happening. When Mex dumped me and went back to Tola, I got like this. When he married her, it was the same thing. So don’t worry about me. Just get him here, could you? When I see him, I’ll feel a lot better. And I miss Tobe too.”

I refuse to listen to her. She looks messed up. I walk into my room and return with a stethoscope and thermometer. I take her vitals and discover that her pulse is erratic and her temperature way above normal.

“Any tummy ache?”

“A little.”


“Yeah. Burning eyes.”

“Have you started seeing your periods again?”


“And the last was…?”

“Two weeks ago, I think.”

I read her pulse for the second time. I don’t think she’s pregnant but I can’t be too sure.

“Can I go pee?” she requests. Oba offers to help her up. The moment he takes hold of her hand, she vomits some greenish substance over my floor. Oba jumps back but I take a good look at the puke.

“It’s malaria,” Honey says from where she stands by the door.

“Yeah. I think so too. Yazmin, we need to get you to the hospital to run some tests and probably have you admitted.”

“I hate needles!” she cries.

∞            ∞            ∞            ∞            ∞            ∞

The last time I had a fight with Emeka was in secondary school and I gave him a beating he never forgot. Right now, we’re too old for any type of fist fight but I think a good tongue-lashing is in order.

I see his car driving into the hospital premises. I wait beside my car as he parks and approaches me. There is a heavy-set frown on his face that doesn’t move me.

“Two days, Mex. She’s been on admission for two days and you’re just getting here! What type of demon is worrying you?”

“The type that lives down the lane of mind-your-business.”

He makes to walk past me but I put a hand to stop him. He stares down at the hand and slowly lifts his eyes to look into my face. When I stare back into his eyes, I see beyond his façade. He is falling apart.

“Get your shit together, Mex. Treat your wives right. You chose this path. No one forced you into it. So get your shit together.”

“And you suddenly become the elder brother who gives good advice that I need to follow.”

“Don’t be an idiot.”

“Don’t tell me what to do! When I needed your help, you sat on your high horse and refused to be involved! The Yazmin you’re forming Voltron for is the same woman you wanted out of my life! Just because she showed up at your door and told you a sob story, she is suddenly an angel and now I have demons! Well, why don’t you go ahead and fuck her since you’re on a spree of fucking my wives?!”

I ball my fist but by some divine intervention, I keep my hand down.

“Oh, you wanted to hit me.” He laughs. “You for try yourself. This is not secondary school, Jide.”

I have never felt this humiliated in my life. I keep my head lowered as he marches off. He doesn’t go far when I hear what I suspect to be the sound of a palm coming in contact with a face.

I turn and see Tola about to deliver him a second slap but Honey who is behind her, steps in by grabbing her hand. He tries to push past Tola only to be assaulted by her again. This time she jabs his chest, sending him backwards.

“Is that how you speak to your elder brother and how you treat a woman who is lying sick in bed?! Then what happens when you get tired of me, Chukwuemeka?! You kick me out?! Mm? Yazmin is in there, she is not getting better because of you! You are obligated to take care of her no matter what! You put her in this mess! She is thousands of miles away from her family and you are all she’s got and you abandon her?! Your dear, old mother who ought to be resting has been the one by her side! And you waltz in like a boss and disrespect your elder brother! What about your son?! You separated him from his mother! Are you thinking at all, Chukwuemeka?!”

Emeka’s anger immediately bubbles down. “But I’m here to see her nau, doc.”

“You’re scaring me, Chukwuemeka! I don’t know who you are again!”

Tola shoves him aside and marches to her car. I stand and watch his eyes follow her. When he sees me looking, he turns and makes his way into the hospital. Honey and I walk to Tola’s car. She is seated behind the wheels, crying. Honey slips into the passenger’s side.

“I think my pregnancy is making me soft. Or else explain why I was fighting my own husband for not taking care of the chick that’s destroying our marriage? Would any woman in her right senses do what I just did? Honey, would you?”

Honey doesn’t respond.

“I can’t do this anymore, Dede. I just can’t. I think I’ll annul this marriage.”

Honey stares up at me sadly, urging me with her eyes to say something. I have a lot to say but not as much as Tola. She has to unburden and understand her pain.

“I love him. As in, mad crazy love that makes me stick with him because I know he’s going through some stuff and he needs someone. The type of love that makes me forget myself and my needs because I want to see him get better. You know that type of love?”

She doesn’t really need an answer from us.

“And then there’s Yazmin who loves him too and she has her own issues to deal with and he doesn’t just want to abandon her, so he takes her baggage and I take his. I carry all of it and I’m falling, Honey! I’m falling!”

Honey lends her a shoulder to cry on but Tola stays there only for a few seconds.

“I am much more than this. Stronger, focused, driven. I don’t take shit from men; everyone knows that. But look at me now. My friends are probably laughing behind my back, Honey. I am in a polygamous relationship. My husband has a second wife!” She laughs. “H-h-how did I get here? Was I sleeping when Emeka got me into this? Why couldn’t I just walk away when I had the strength? Why did I allow him screw me up this badly that I’m beginning to defend the other woman?”

“Because you’re only human, Tola,” Honey replies, holding her hand.

“I don’t want to be! I want to be selfish! To love me alone! To think about my own happiness! Only me! I don’t want to share my husband with another woman! I want what two of you have! Why can’t I get that?”

Honey offers her shoulder again and it was put into good use this time. I wait to drop in my own piece of advice when she calms.

“If you’re not happy with the arrangement, Tola, it’s okay to leave. You have tried abeg. You acted civilly and maturely. It’s now Emeka’s turn to put things straight. And let’s not forget the child you’re carrying. Whether now or tomorrow, he or she doesn’t need all this drama. If Emeka and Yazmin are not willing to be adults, then it’s your responsibility to stand and take firm decisions.”

Honey agrees with a nod.

“I don’t want to lose him, dede but if I don’t walk out now, I may be stuck.”

“You know what to do, Tola. We’ll support you all the way. Just stay strong.”

“Thank you.”

I touch Honey’s cheek. “Sugar lips, see you tomorrow.”

I walk back into the hospital. I have a long night ahead of me

∞            ∞            ∞            ∞            ∞            ∞

Female Chef Preparing Salad In Kitchen

Lord, I am tired! I need a warm bed, a nice cup of aromatic tea and a full body massage from strong hands.

The first two can be arranged but the last, which is what I need direly, is just wishful thinking. For the first time in a long while I am beginning to nurse ideas of wanting a man. But it’s just fleeting. It comes and goes. That’s what happens when you hang around a loving couple like Jide and Honey. They are contagious—the way he kisses random spots on her body when he thinks no one is looking or how they take showers together or the way they lie in the dark at night listening to music and not saying anything to each other. Simply adorable!

A few days ago, Tola and I stayed up late at night, unintentionally listening to them make love. They were hush about it because the power was out and there was pitch silence in the house but every now and then, we heard Honey moan.

“They’re having sex, right?” I had asked.

“Like duh! And I hate them.”

Laughter escaped my lips.

“Do you miss having a man, Mary?”


“Well, me I miss my husband.”

Honey moaned again.

“Is it going to last all night?” Tola questioned.

“Are you asking me?”

“Jide should come out and put on the gen for us jare. I’ll go and knock at their door.”

“Leave them.”

“The weather is hot!”

“Go and have a shower then.”

Tola turned and faced me, a pillow wedged between us.

“You know you have to let men back into your life at some point, right?”


“The way you talk about them is disturbing.”


“Well, considering what you went through, it’s allowed.”

But my therapist thinks I have to move past that stage now. She had told me not to put my abuse in the same room with my love life. Those had been her words exactly.

“To you, Reno is a rapist. And Reno is a man. Therefore, all men are rapists.”

She went on to tell me that we were going to work at making sure every important area in my life does not get affected by what Reno did to me.

“It’s going to be tough, Mary but we will pull through.”

And here I am, pulling through, albeit slowly.


I look up. I’m still not used to being called that.

“One of the guests is asking to see you,” the waiter that had just called me says. “The man is not in the banquet hall. He’s waiting in the reception.”

I rise from my chair beside the massive oven I’ve been watching and wipe my hands on my apron. Once a guest requests to see you privately, it’s a good sign. It means they want to request your services for their own event.

I pick a hot towel from a steamer nearby and wipe off the oil on my face. The scent of eucalyptus fills my nose as I inhale. On my way out, I pump my lips to revive my gloss. It’s just a few steps to the reception and when I get there, I see a few people around. I wish I had asked the waiter what the person looks like.

No one acknowledges my presence, so I assume it’s the guy who is backing me and speaking with the receptionist. I am about to walk to him when a familiar voice calls my name.

I turn and there is Ekene, looking all spruce in a striped blue suit and matching shoes. He had been sitting beside me the entire time and I missed him because he wasn’t wearing his customary shorts and t-shirt.

As I take his strange, new appearance in, my eyes deceive me by telling me he looks gorgeous.


“Hi,” he says. “What a coincidence. I ask for the chef and it turns out that she is you.”

I regain my sight and realize it is the same Ekene that irritates me.

“Hello Ekene.”

“You’re a big madam o! Catering to international events and shii.”

“How may I help you, Ekene?”

“Can we go somewhere private so we can talk?”

“No. Dessert is to be served in…” I check my watch, “thirteen minutes. I don’t have time.”

“But you came out here to see me.”

I sigh. “Ekene…”

“Fine. I’ll be here till you’re done?”


I don’t wait one second. I begin back to the kitchen. The soufflés’ I put in the oven are okay by now. Time to get busy.

The kitchen soon fills with waiters and waitresses and a beehive of activity begins. The head waiter and I work together as we have done all day, ensuring service goes smoothly. A tiring hour later, I’m slumped over a table, sipping juice from a party cup.

“For you.”

A waitress dumps a complimentary card before me that holds Ekene’s details. Simply put, he is an oil marketer. Why am I not surprised? When Honey had pointed at his house as we were driving out of the estate last week, I had asked if he was an armed robber. She had laughed.

I turn the card over.

Meet me at the bar, he had scrawled over his social media details. P.S: you look scrumptious in apron.

I hiss. He’s so silly. I drop the card and continue with my drink. I’ll take my time, abeg.

I pour myself more juice and sip slowly, watching the kitchen assistants do the dishes. One of them is singing a Yemi Alade; I tap my feet in rhythm. I don’t leave until she goes into her third song.

I take off my apron, touch up on my makeup lightly and pick my handbag.

“Bye Chef!”

They all wave as I leave. I take a short walk to the bar. Ekene is waiting. He pulls a chair for me when I stroll up to his table. I notice he is not wearing his suit. He is left in his shirt with folded sleeves that expose arms marked by veins.

Why is he disturbingly yellow?

I look away and sit.

“What would you like to drink?”


He calls over a waiter and orders a drink on my behalf as I watch him in silence.

“It’s just red wine,” he tells me.

“I already told you I’m not drinking. Can we go straight to business, please? What do you want?”

“Yeah, business… So, my fuel stations will be opening in exactly ten days from now. I didn’t want to throw a party initially but friends will feel offended if I don’t. It’s not going to be something big but it has to be loud enough to make a statement. The food must be exceptional like the one you did here today. Have I said you are an amazing cook?”

I can’t hide my smile.

“You are. And that is why I need your culinary services. Payment will be split in two. Before and after. Does that work for you?”

“Yeah. What type of guests are you expecting?”

He goes into details and I take notes on my phone. For a moment, he is not Ekene, Honey’s annoying ex that drops by at hers, unannounced with his dog and ogles me like he has no home training. He has even lost his slight Igbo accent and is beginning to sound like some foreign national. I find myself being carried away by him until the waiter returns with a bottle of wine on ice.

I slip back into my commonsense.

“I have to go, Ekene,” I say, standing up.

“Why?” he holds my hand. “We’re ending up in the same destination. Sit, let’s drink. Stop forming abeg.”

I pull my hand away. “I’ll text you my account details so you can make the first installment for me to begin preparations. I like to work ahead of time.”

“I like you, Mary.”

I try hard not to hiss.

“Goodnight, Ekene.”

I start to walk away.

“Will you come to my place tomorrow evening and prepare a romantic dinner for me and my fiancée?”

I stop and turn. “You have a fiancée?”

“Not yet. I’ll be proposing to her tomorrow.”

I look into his face to see if he’s teasing but I find him serious.

“And you’ve been all over me?” My voice comes off annoyed.

He laughs. “It’s a man thing. Harmless flirting.”

“You’re disgusting.”

“So, will you prepare dinner for two tomorrow? I’ll pay you well.”

The suppressed hiss escapes my lips as I spin around and stride off. On my way home to Honey’s, I work myself up to annoyance that my logical mind begins to question my reason for my emotional state.

He’s an ass! He’s had a girlfriend all this time and he’s been putting moves on me! Why are men so useless?

But he never really toasted you.

Hello! He doesn’t have to come out straight to toast me for me to know he wanted to get into my pants.

But he never said anything about sleeping with you.

That’s all he wants! That’s all they ever want!

My logical mind lets me be. I sulk the entire way home. I plan to pack my things back to my house first thing tomorrow morning. I know Honey has asked me to extend my stay and even offered the option of being housemates but I’m going to have to graciously tell her I can’t. The thought of having Ekene as a neighbor just plain aggravates me.

I walk into Honey’s sitting room. I find her there with Tola.

“Hey girls!” I greet, taking off my shoes by the door. They hail back.

“Honey, so Ekene has a girlfriend?” I blurt. I can’t hold it in.

“Girlfriend? From where nau?”

“He told me to come and cook dinner for him and his girlfriend tomorrow evening, that he’ll be proposing to her then.”

Honey looks around in confusion. “What are you saying?”

“It’s what he told me. And the whole time he has been making moves on me.”

“Abeg, ignore Kene. He’s just pulling your legs. That’s how he does.”

“Please, just help me tell him to stay away from me because I don’t want somebody to come and disgrace me because of him.”

“He doesn’t have a girlfriend.”

“Okay o.”

“Well, the only way to find out is to make the dinner for them.”

“Why do I want to find out? What’s my business with his love life?”

“Ah. Babe you’re vexing o.”

“My period is around the corner. I hate people annoying me at this time.”

I exit the sitting room. My period may be around the corner but it is not the reason for my bad mood. Ekene is. And I don’t know why any man would make me feel this way.

∞            ∞            ∞            ∞            ∞            ∞

I have a calm patient today that goes through labor as though it’s a walk in the park. And she gives all kudos to me.

“You make things easy,” she says to me.

This uplifts my spirit. I promise to check on how she’s progressing in the next thirty minutes as I entrust her into the care of a maternity nurse.

I head to another wing of the hospital where Yazmin is. Earlier my dad visited and left with Nne because I had offered to look after Yazmin for the night. Emeka still refuses to stay with her. I wonder what grave sin she has committed.

“Can I come in?” I poke my head into her room.

“Hi Jide,” she says, pronouncing my name as Jidi. I have never bothered to correct her and I won’t do so now.

“How are you?”

“Better.” She smiles. She does look better. I sit beside her.

“The doctor says that maybe I’ll go home the day after tomorrow.”


“Yeah. I’ve missed Tobe.”



“Why is Emeka so mad at you?”

She looks elsewhere.

“You can talk to me, Yazmin. Anything you say is held in confidence.”

“You’re not going to tell Tola?”


She exhales. “I cheated on Emeka a short while before I came to Nigeria. And I didn’t use protection and Tola got chlamydia.”


“I told Emeka what I did, he got mad and made me do STD tests. Everything came out negative but he still can’t forgive me. I think he wants us to split.”

“Do you love Emeka, Yazmin?”

“Yeah. The guy I slept with…it was just a onetime thing. It was stupid. I was drunk, he was drunk. The day it happened was on my cousin’s birthday but it was also the two-year anniversary of my late boyfriend’s death, so I was pretty messed up that night.”

“Tell me about your late boyfriend? How did he die? Was he ill?”

“No. My dad murdered him.”

I sit straight and stare into eyes that hold pain from her past.

“Has Emeka told you what my dad does? Who he is?”


“So Marcelo, my late boyfriend, his dad used to work for my dad. He was his second in command but something happened and they split and he started his own drug cartel. To my dad, that was a slap in his face. He ordered me to stop seeing Marcelo but I refused. We loved each other and had plans to elope if things got heated. But that never happened. Marcelo got missing and a couple of days later, parts of his body were sent to his family and a few close friends. I got his left arm where he had my name tattooed.”

I shiver at her story.

“I disowned my dad and permanently moved to New York. That was where I met Mex. He came to me when I needed someone. He helped me get through. We were friends at first and then we shared our first kiss on one snowy night.”

She smiles.

“It felt right. It was beautiful, Jidi. I love Emeka.”

“But he loves Tola,” I tell her plainly.

“I know.”

“Yazmin, I’m sorry for all you went through. I know it was hell but can’t you see that the only reason Emeka is with you is because he feels you still need him? You have dumped your fragile heart in his hands but Tola has already taken up all that space, so he’ll keep letting you down because there’s so much he can take as a man.”

“But a man can have a wife and still keep a mistress. African men can have as many wives as they want.”

“Not this man, Yazmin. He was raised differently. And right now, He is falling apart. If you truly love him, you’ll let him be where his heart wants to be.”

“What are you saying?” Her eyes sheen with tears.

“Let him go. You deserve more than he’s giving you. And he can never be the real Emeka with you or with any of us. We’re all losing him.”

She bends her head. “Please, can you go away? Right now?”

I stand up. Tears slip from her eyes as I take my leave.

Outside the ward, I feel like an evil person even though I am sure I have done the right thing that everyone else is afraid to do. I hope this doesn’t bite me in the back.

∞            ∞            ∞            ∞            ∞            ∞

“Mary, this is good,” Tola says with a mouthful. Mary has just whipped some goat meat peppersoup in less than thirty minutes. How she does it, I don’t know. And it tastes so good!

“Your husband will enjoy,” I comment.

“Ekene ba?” Tola teases. Mary chokes and starts coughing.

I dash into the kitchen for some water.

“I know you like him, Mary,” Tola says.

“I don’t.” Mary takes the glass of water I offer. “Thank you.”

“Why are you forming? Every time the guy drops by, you spend at least fifteen minutes moaning about how rude he is or how noisy his dog is.”

“The dog wakes me up from sleep every morning, barking at the window.”

“Awww, it comes to wake its master’s beloved up. How sweet.”

Mary frowns. Tola bats her eyes at her.

“You won’t face what is bugging you, Tola. The tears on your face have not yet dried and you’re entering my own matter.”

“My dear, I’ve decided not to cry for Emeka again.”

“You said that yesterday.”

“And I’ll keep saying it until I mean it. But let’s go back to you, shall we?”

Mary frowns again and diverts her eyes to me. “No, let’s talk about Honey and Jide.”

“Why?” I ask.

“Do you guys have sex every day?”

I flush with embarrassment. I am about to give an answer when a knock comes to the door.

“Who is it?” Tola calls out loud.

“Nicole?” a voice answers and we stare at each other.

“Who is Nicole?” Mary asks.

“She knows herself!” the voice responds.

It is then I recognize who it is and notice that Tola has buried her face in her hands.

“Tell him to go away,” she whispers as I go to the door.

I open it a little. Emeka is standing out there with unsteady legs.

“Hi Emeka.”

He tries to stand straight but sways a little. He rests a hand on the wall. “Tell my wife I need to see her.”

“She doesn’t want to see you.”

“I know but tell her I’m sorry.”

He peeps into the house.

“I’m sorry, doc! I’m very sorry! I miss you! I miss us!”

“Mex, go away abeg!”

“Please, come back home!”

“Go away!”


Tola vacates her seat to the door and slams it hard in his face. I step away. She remains by the door, her back to it.

“You slapped me, doc. Right on my cheek, you slapped me.”

“And I’ll do it again if you don’t go away.”

“I love you!” he hits the door.

“Mex, behave!”

“I can get us back to the way we were! I just need time, baby! Trust me!”

“You’re drunk, Mex. You say a lot of shit you don’t mean when you’re drunk or having sex and I don’t need that right now. Go to your wife. She needs you.”

“You’re my wife,” his voice mellows to an emotional tone. “My wife…”

And then he goes silent for a while.

“He’s gone?” I ask. Tola shakes her head.

“Thinking of the next stupid thing to say.”

And as if he hears her, Emeka resumes.

“You make a grown ass man do stupid things, Nicole. You know that?”

“Your name is really Nicole?” Mary probes.

“No. Just a name he calls me whenever he’s drunk.”

“And I’m about to do one stupid thing now. You remember the time I stripped and sang outside your window under the rain?”

“Don’t you dare, Chukwuemeka!”

“Then come out and stop me before I start.”

Tola covers her eyes. “He’s going to do it. He’s so going to do it.”

“Then go and stop him,” Mary tells her.


“I’d have gone to watch if he wasn’t my boyfriend’s younger brother,” I say.

“You’re a bad girl, Hon,” Mary mumbles.

“No but seriously, Tola, he’s doing it?”

“Butt naked.”

“Wow. He really loves you.”

“No, he’s really drunk.”

“Yo, Nicole! I can’t remember all the lyrics to this song but I’ll try.”

“Emeka…” Tola murmurs with a sigh.

I’m never shy but this is different

I can’t explain the way I’m feeling tonight

I’m losing control of my heart

Tell me what can I do to make you happy

Nothing I ever say seems to come out right

I’m losing control of my heart

I wish that I could be

Another better part of me

Can’t hear what you’re thinking

Nicole if I just let go

You’ll open up your heart

Mary and I listen in silence. It’s a song I vaguely know but I am very sure the tempo is upbeat and not as slow as Emeka is going about it.

“Daniel Bedingfield,” Mary says.

“Thank you. Was trying to remember who sang it.”

I watch Tola whose ear is pinned to the door. It’s either I’m seeing things or her eyes have gone misty.

I can’t read you

I wish I knew what’s going through your mind

Can’t touch you

Your heart’s protecting I get left behind

“Aww, so cute,” I coo. Mary eyes me as Emeka continues.

Bla-bla-bla-bla I’m acting stupid

I can’t play the game I’m all intense and alive

I’m losing control of my heart

Bla-bla-bla something-something nervous

I should play my hand all cool and calm

I can’t breathe!

I’m losing control of my heart

Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah ah

I wish that you could see

The other better parts of me

Feel this fire I’m feeling

Then you’d see me in control

Baby then you’ll know

But I can’t read you

I wish I knew what’s going through your mind

“And he can sing…” Tola whispers, the tears I saw earlier now unmistakable.

Emeka stops as if interrupted.

“He’s done,” Tola tells us, biting her lip.

“Tola, go and meet him nau,” I plead.

“The last time he did this, the police arrested him and I went to get him out of jail and I forgave him,” she sobs. “I’m tired of fixing him, Honey. I’ve tried.”

“But he’s really sorry nau. Just hear him out.”

Tola steps away from the door as if she’s about to consider my request but she turns to the left and enters the guestroom. The silence that supervenes touches both Mary and I deeply for a long moment. I lose my appetite for the peppersoup in my dish.

“This is why I’m never falling in love,” Mary sighs.

I look at her and see Ekene’s complimentary card on the chair beside her.


Does she know she is the ‘girlfriend’ she’ll be cooking dinner for tomorrow? Clearly, she has no idea that she has gotten into an ‘Ekene trap’ and the only way out is to play the game the way he likes it.

Well, me I go just dey watch her like film because chicken wey run from Borno go Ibadan go still end up inside pot of soup



Chicken wey run from Borno go Ibadan go still end up inside pot of soup – You can’t run away from your destiny


 Image source:, Getty images

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  1. Funmilayo

    I love ds!..In as much as i dnt support polygamism..,i feel for Yazmin..

    ehm..Mary n Ekene r gonna look gud togeda..
    let Tola punish Emeka small jare..

    love u Sally n thnx for ds..God bless u..

  2. @bertokoji

    Unenjoyable episode. Or is it malaria affecting me? Everytin seems to be falling apart. Nice 1

    • Unenjoyable episode? Must be your malaria. everything is coming together nicely

      • Hmmm…its malaria ehn…treat urself n move along…mayb its complicated malaria with CNS symptoms that u have

    • Sally

      Well i loved the episode, Bert.
      Thanks for passing by

  3. I love how Ekene and Mary are coming together. Yes!
    Thanks Sally

  4. Awwwww…..thanks boo. Sweet as usual. Dancing for Mary. ..a little sad for Yazmin

    • Sally

      Yeah, sad for her too but Emeka’s already taken.

  5. Wow! Sally, i go love o,lol! i love Emeka and Tola’s part. Thumbs up Sally,will consider giving love a chance in my life again.

  6. Peachesgurl

    Yesssssss!!!! This hide and seek game Ekene is playing with Mary dey sweet me o. Sally thanks for another wonderful episode. Xoxoxo

  7. Patience Bassey

    Oh! Tola should face Emeka and sort tinz out. Tnx Sally

    • Sally

      I pray they do. Thank you!

  8. And its another saturday…hmmmmmmmm

  9. Sally thanks for making my evening amazing with this beautiful episode. It keeps getting interesting. Cheers

    • Sally

      Glad to be at your service, Topsy

  10. doughyeen

    I love this.. I love ekene.. I love everybody..
    Thanks For this maam

    • Sally

      You’re welcome Doughyeen

  11. Mmh mh! So Emeka can sing? I pray Yaz takes Jide’s advice o. So everything can finally fall into place before Emeka’s craze go enter market.
    Thanks Sal for posting. A good read.
    Please what happened to notifications? I don’t get them anymore.

    • Sally

      Chinny Baby,
      Sorry about your notifications. I really don’t know. They are all automatic, so I wouldn’t even be able to pick out the issue

  12. Nicole…
    Smh. Emeka is such a clown. But I love him and tola more than jide and honey
    #jiney lovers don’t stone me o

  13. Sally I’m completely addicted to ur blog…can’t wait to read ur book “boys with toys.” Kudos dear

  14. I love that proverb!! Never saw Ekene and Mary happening but I LOVE it!!!

  15. choi! this is beautiful aunt Sally. don’t force someone else’s property to become urs ,it will surely go back to the real owner. #lesson learnt.

    • Sally

      Yes. Strong lesson there for many

  16. MissBosola

    That was a beautiful read! Emeka and Tola’s part melted my heart. Well done Sally.

  17. Emeka and Tola’s drama was the best part of today episode,,,i pray mary is able to overcome her fears and give Ekene a chance. Tnkzzz for the update sally.

    • Sally

      You are welcome, Aramide

  18. Raychell

    Sally, you are such an amazing writer, you just have a way with words and I really do admire your creativity, sometimes I wish I can glimpse into your mind, thanks for sharing your ‘hard earned, calorie consuming intellect ‘ with us…… Mary just reminds me of my self, maybe its time I give LOVE a chance

    • Sally

      Raychell, this is your first comment here, I guess.
      Welcome to my blog. And please do give love a chance. It might just turn out well in the end.

  19. Emeka and Tola’s drama was the best part of today episode…i pray mary is able to overcome her fears and give ekene a chance. Tnkzzz for the update sally.

  20. Awwwww…..Love me some more!!!we’re seeing all shades of “After the raggae play the blues, even your boo get him boo”#SingingForYazmin
    Ekene with him romantic arrogance.Loool….beautiful episode! Thank you Sally

    • Sally

      romantic arrogance got me laughing. thank you Kevwe

  21. Wooo! With ma 2% ba3 am able to read dis! Awesome. Tanz sally, u r too much!

    • Sally

      You’re welcome
      Thank you, too

  22. toyenlon

    Tola is really hurt, Mex too is messed up, hope they’ll be able to resolve their differences sha. Mary and Ekene…loading, way to go.

  23. Gloria A

    Beautiful read all the way! I feel so bad for mex n Tola, she doesn’t need this at all. So happy jide n honey are back together. Can’t wait to see the Mary n ekene drama unfold.. nice one Sally

  24. Sally…….i luv u so very much, ur stories rock and they are really amazing, see me swooning over ekene’s description at the wedding, Mary can’t run away from destiny ooo. Team #ekema lol

  25. Awwwwww, so beautiful, I didn’t want it to end. Thank you Sally :*

    • Sally

      Thank you too, dear Asma

  26. Awww I love ds mushy side of emeka, he and Tola are made for each oda. yazmin shld park well abeg, feel sorry for her small sha, I’m loving ekene’s move on Mary. Thanks sally , u rock

    • Sally

      And you too, Deola
      Thank you

  27. Thanks for this double bonus @Sally. Yazmin can like to leave now, we are done with the oyibo romance. Ekene is defo gonna propose to Mary… She loves him but is just too scared to give him a chance + he used to be Honey’s bf too. I have got great respect for Tola now…?

    • Sally

      And i like your mind…

  28. All these lovers sef! Tscheeeeeew. They be making this love thing look too sweet. Lol. Sally, as always, gracias!

    • Sally

      Hahaha! see hissing!
      Oya gaan fall in love

  29. Beautiful episode. I love LOVE!Happy for Mary, so sad for Yazmin. I hope she finds happiness soon. Thanks Sally.

  30. abimbola

    Hmmmmmm mesmerizingly interesting.

    Thanks for this. I really need to talk to you sally,any avenue?

    I’ll love you to please send the PDF to my box. How do I make payments please?

  31. Mariemummy

    Hmmmmm, i just love this. Thanks Sally

  32. Engr Wissy

    Ghen Ghen!!! Madam sally,uv given me 2 options to tak about my either I follow d naken singing emeka, or I try d cooking dinner 4 fiancée.either way works 4 me.but how to naked go hard oo. Tanks 4 all ur effort in making us glued to u.cus of free gifts, comment don dey yakpa now oo.hope u go fit reply all of us oo

    • Sally

      I think you should try both


  33. Hi Sally , is there a way for apple product users to download the fish series book

    • Sally

      Your email address does not exist. If you reply with a functional email, I’ll send you details

  34. Criozli I rili enjoy dis story/write-up. Sally u’re jst 1 out of a 1,000,000.

  35. Awwww I feel for Yaz sha! ??The poor gal would have to end up leaving Emeka and start her life all over again. Just like honey has said Mary can’t run away frm her destiny.And yea Tola shd still punish Emeka a little bfr she takes him back. Thanks beautiful Sally for this piece!!!!!!!
    Lastly , how can Apple product users get d app to download d book.

    • Sally

      Check your email. I sent you something

  36. I have been away,got bak few days ago….awwwwww sally I really miss u.dis ws refreshing tanx

    • Sally

      Welcome back, Elly
      Nice to have you here again

  37. Sally I read all of fish brain, its……..i dnt av a word for it sef. D lord is ur muscle

    • Sally

      Thank you, Aminat

  38. Dan Auta

    Thank U aunty Sally. Am definitely using Kene’s trick

    • Sally

      Wish you the best. Call me when it’s time to chop jollof rice

  39. This episode is funny…Mary and
    Mex and Tola, hmmmm drama unend
    Yaz, pele s’ogbo..
    Thank u for this episode Sally, u d bestest!!!!

  40. I’m singing love is in the air! Mary and Ekene! Honey and Jide! I can’t wait to see how this all ends. As for Emeka, Tola and Yazmine someone will get hurt. Great job as always Sally!

  41. folakemi

    Mehn I can’t jus stop smiling.tola abeg accept Emeka bfor he enter market o…I feel for Yazmin sha cuz am in d same situation such is life o..kudos sally

    • Sally

      Awww, I do hope you find happiness

  42. Babypaul

    Tnk God its another Saturday! welldon sally, muah! I go love oo, its getting higher every episode. God bless u plenty sally.

  43. Mary is really cracking me up.. am really looking forward to wat will happen between her and Ekene

  44. All shades of love and healing. Long time Sally.

    • Sally

      Welcome back, Nwanne’m

  45. Adekola Funmilola

    Love is everywhere o! Mex and Tola, Jiney, Mary and Ekene, who is next o?

    • Sally

      Maybe, you…
      or me…

  46. Well, me I go just dey watch her like film because
    chicken wey run from Borno go Ibadan go still
    end up inside pot of soup
    sally i love you…

    • Sally

      Lol! love you too, Conzy

  47. Omowunmi

    I want Mary to find love, the type that makes one be like mumu. This Tola, Emeka n Yasmin triangle is heart wrenching. Can’t imagine ow it will play out.

    • Sally

      That Mary’s love you want…tune in tomorrow and watch it unfold

  48. Adeleke Julianah

    This Ekene guy, I don’t know what to make of him.
    Nice episode, thanks Lady Sally.

    • Sally

      I just dey watch Ekene with corner eye like you, my lady.
      Let’s see what he’s up to

  49. Thanks Madam, please details of payment for Fish Brain through PDF.

    Finally Mary n Kene just like Honey n Jide….Great.


  50. wasmakelly

    All hails to Madam Sally. Jide is a gud advicer oo. choi I cant tell sum1 wat 2 do wen it cums 2 heartbreaking news oo. just indirect advice only. make dem no say na me cos d relationship meltdown. Mary is already seeing stars. and as for tola, she get mind oo. slap a nigerian guy like dat and he is still begging u 2 cum back. dat means 1 tin. he is madly in luv with u. I luv dis story like ice cream and chocolate.

    • Sally

      Don’t make me hungry now, Wasmakelly
      I never chop this morning

  51. Why do I feel like this series would soon end. This is so such a beautiful episode. Very well done Sally

    • Sally

      *sobs* it will soon end 🙁

  52. Abeg Mex should stop been emotional and call a spade a spade. Kycee lov u loads for this meal.

    • Sally

      Lola, my name is Sally. This is the second time you’re calling me Kycee :'( but it’s okay
      Kycee is the writer of Family Secrets but Sally is the writer of It’s Another Saturday and The Immortals’ Code

  53. ghostreader(rtd)

    This series is one I never want it to finish. Been saving it since Saturday for that moment I can savour every word, action and scene. Mrs Dadzie, you are so good at this! Kudos

    • Sally

      Thank God, ghostreader (rtd)

  54. temidayo

    Wow dis is exceptional. Honestly I wish I could enter ur tots and continue reading.. pls don’t end dis series oo singing * pls don’t stop the series the series* lol. Tola biko save mex b4 he enter market oo dis dier love na special one despite all it still stood test of time I respect tola so much now..ekene……….dat guy ehnn he can’t change Na him go chop slap next lol. Weldon ma’am U really are a blessing was expecting BWT soonest but no wahala do take ur time we go chill. Greetings to the family. God bless U. *Bear hugs*

    • Sally

      *hugs back*
      Have an awesome weekend

  55. But me I dnt want mary and ekene jare… alll does ex ex something.. cant another man be toasting mary ni…. I love my honey and Jide

    • Sally

      Well…i don’t think some people mind about those rules. and we can’t help whom we end up liking…
      but let’s see how this turns out

  56. Wonderful episode as usual….more ink to your pen Sally. Please how do I get the PDF copy of fish brain vows?

    • Sally

      Hi Nneka,
      I sent you an email. Hope you got it?

  57. Amina Williams

    So cool, well done sally.

  58. Nevr knew this crazy mex loved tola that much oo… Tola abeg front well jare let dE broda suffer a lil more…. Ekene hmm??? I loved dE way jide told yaz dE truth ’bout wah up btw mex and tola.. Abeg make dE babe tranfer jare… Thankz Sally… BlessUp.. Much love

    • Sally

      And much love to you too

  59. Interesting all the way. Seems the Mary-Ekene thingy is getting realer. Mary deserves love anyways, and if Ekene’s cockiness will allow, they can walk together.
    This Tola-Mex-Yaz thing tho. Some of us are so good with that. Knowing we’ve got the other person’s mumu button makes us misbehave because we know an opening through which we crawl back in. Backfires on some peeps while some haave been graced to escape with it.
    Like everything in life (good or otherwise), ITS ANOTHER SATURDAY will end but I want to tell to you Sally, this has been an interesting, romance-filled, lesson-filled serial. Bless up Mami

    • Sally

      Seye, you’re so right about the mumu button thing. Does that mean it’s love if one keeps getting away with it or the other person is just weak. Well…love matter na always complicated sumtin
      Thank you, as always

  60. Sally ur stories are wonderful and they are so relatable n it always feels like a movie/series every time ………..thumbs up, i love ur blog n i look forward to ur next episode.

    • Sally

      Thank you, Zee
      Bless you for the gracious words

  61. So I reread this episode, and not just once. So many subtle lessons in one interesting package. Many of us love those we love but we expect them to love us back in the exact way we want, but maybe they’re loving us with all they have. However, Tola, deal a little more with Mex. He needs to learn. But just small o, not because he’ll fall out of love, but such prolonged stuff weakens the heart of a man. Mary and Ekene, nice twist. Very funny how that will unfold too, I dey here dey watch. Jiney.. Why do I think these ones are pregnant with all these many love makings? Again, we dey watch. My longest comment yet but on a well deserving post. This is great, Sally you are the bestest!

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