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Long Night #13

Rosaline’s heels clicked on the tiles as she walked into work. Her designer bag swayed in tandem with her hips. Her skirt went just below her knees and she had tucked her plain blue shirt into it. The guard’s head turned as she passed. He barely got out a word of greeting before she made it to the elevator. She smiled, she had always had this effect on men. It felt good. She enjoyed watching the lusts in their eyes as they drank in her beauty. It gave her a thrill, unlike any other thing. Wine, drugs, exercise, nothing made her feel quite at peace as sex.

She checked her makeup in the reflective surface of the door. It was still perfect. Daniel would not know what hit him today. It had been three days since she had returned. Three days of trying to get Daniel to lose control. She knew he struggled. She could see it in his eyes, the flames of lust roared in them. She could smell the scent of his arousal on him each time she passed. The way he avoided her as a plague told her she was affecting him. So why was he so hesitant? She wanted him just as much as he wanted her. Why had her little pet not come crawling back to her?

She shook her head, clearing her head of doubt. None of that mattered now. Her dressing today was sure to do the trick. She unbuttoned her first two buttons, opening them up to show some cleavage. She jiggled her breast just to be sure it would have the effect she wanted. The elevator doors opened and she stepped out into the office and headed towards her little pet’s office.

His door was locked. She knocked lightly and waited. He grunted a reply and she opened the door.

“Good morning Dee. I hope you had a pleasant night.” She spoke in the most seductive tone in her arsenal. She made men drool when she spoke in this tone.

Daniel barely looked up.

“Good morning Rosa. I had a lovely night actually. Thanks for asking.” He continued to hammer away at his keyboard. God, she hated when he got like this. Whenever he was busy, nothing else mattered. For all his charm, Daniel was a very annoying workaholic. He could not be distracted whenever he had a project going on. She sighed, her shoulders drooping in defeat, it seemed she had gotten all glammed up for nothing.

His phone rang on the table. The Caller ID showed “Mo.” She pitied whoever the person was. In the mode he was in, Daniel was never going to answer the call.

The shift in Daniel was subtle and yet instantaneous. His fingers stopped moving, his previously tensed shoulders loosened up and his eyes glanced at the phone. She could have sworn she saw him smile before he picked the call. What the hell was going on? Who could be so important to get through to “work-mode” Daniel?

“Hey, baby.” She heard him say.

Baby? Daniel had a girlfriend? Interesting. Who could this mysterious girlfriend be? Rosaline folded her hands across her breasts. She was going to get answers.

The call lasted for over thirty minutes. Rosaline was fuming by the end of it. Did Daniel not realize she had been standing there all this time? Was he purposely ignoring her?

As he dropped the phone on the table, he finally seemed to notice her.

“Hey, Rosaline. Good morning.” He sounded happier. Her little pet was in love. Interesting. She enjoyed challenges like this.

“You finally realized I was in the room?”

“Sorry about that. You of all people should know how I get when I’m lost in work?”

“You weren’t too lost for that call.”

Well, I can’t be unavailable for my…” He trailed off as if catching himself before he said something stupid. “It was a pretty important call.”

“I guess. You did have to discuss all the naughty things you guys got up to last night didn’t you?”

If Africans could turn pink, she was sure Daniel would have at that very moment. He averted his eyes from her gaze and smiled nervously. He raised his eyes to meet hers once again as if finally remembering where he was. His office.

“Is there something you need Rosa? Or you are going to spend the whole day listening in on my calls?”

She rolled her eyes. “Spare me the false bravado. Aren’t you going to comment on my dressing today?”

“Well…” He gave her a curt once-over, “You look nice.”

Her eyes widened in shock. “Nice?”

He nodded.

She hissed and stalked out of his office, slamming the door behind her.

Daniel smirked and shook his head. His fingers drummed against the keys once again.

That afternoon, Tomi walked into a restaurant across town. Her date was already here, his back turned to her. Segun was so cute. She had suggested they meet up in this restaurant for lunch because it was close to her workplace. He had agreed and apparently even arrived before her. She smiled and approached him. Thank the heavens she had finally found a man who wanted her just as much as she wanted him.

“Yes, yes, I understand. I will get it done Mr. Ola.” He was on a call with someone. Probably one of his many clients. It would seem his writing for hire business was going well.

“Hey, tall, dark and handsome.” She said as she sat down opposite him.

He smiled and nodded at her, signaling for her to give him a minute. She winked at

Tomi only nodded as the waitress brought her food. She dove into the meal of rice and plantain and tore into the meat next. Her man only watched her with a half-smile.

“You aren’t eating?”

“Nah, already had a quick lunch before I get home.”

She only shook her head as she finished the meal.

“You missed me so much, didn’t you?” She rolled her eyes when he nodded in agreement, “so now I’m here. Let’s cram as much fun as we can into the next thirty minutes. His eyes glinted in reply.

“Have you ever had sex in public?” he asked.

Tomi flushed at the question. “No! Why? What kind of question is that?”

“Calm down.” He replied, “It’s just an honest question. I haven’t actually. I was looking to try it out.”

Tomi laughed so hard, tears formed in her eyes. “You want to have sex in public? Well, truth is,” she said, her leg stretched out under the table. She rested the balls of her feet against Segun’s crotch, slowly massaging it with her foot, “I have had sex in public. I can assure you, it is quite something actually.”

Segun groaned as he began to swell from her foot massaging his rapidly hardening penis. “Oh…, it’s that good?”

She nodded as her second leg stretched to join the first. He groaned again, she could feel his bulge in his pants. She smiled, this man didn’t know what a feisty fox she could be. She looked him in his eyes, her legs still rubbing against his crotch.

“Wanna give it a try?” She asked.

“Here? But it’s broad daylight. We could get caught. Hell, we will get caught.” He said in between groans.

“That’s what makes it more fun.’

“I guess. A large percentage of people are turned on by the prospect of getting caught having sex.” He replied, “Hel,l what the heck? Let’s do it.”

“Good boy. Join me in the toilet in five minutes.” She said as she dashed off.

A few minutes later Segun knocked on the door. She opened the door and dragged him in. She shifted the door’s bolt behind them. She found a smirk on his face when she turned.


“I don’t know. You seem pretty excited.”

“Well, you do too.” She said pointing at the bulge in his trousers. “Want me to take care of that for you?”

He nodded.

“Well, you have to do something for me first.” She said as she leaned against the sink. She pulled up her skirt, leaving it bunched up around her waist. Her finger slipped into her panties. The wetness in it surprised her. She was excited. Very excited.

“I see. So lip service for lip service?” He said, sliding to his knees between her parted legs.

She nodded.

“Okay then.”

He shifted her panties out of the way, coming face to face with her already glistening snatch. He took a slow lick from the base of her pussy to the clit. She whimpered in response. The taste of her egged him on. He took another lick before he grabbed her thighs. He shoved them apart further, leaving her splayed open for him. He buried his tongue inside her. She grabbed his hair for support. He feasted. He loved everything about her. Her scent, her taste, and the cute little moans she made every time he played with her clit. She was grinding on his tongue now. Pulling on his head, as if to get him to go deeper. He obliged. His tongue delved into her warm depths. He wiggled it as much as he could. She groaned her pleasure, throwing her head back in reckless abandon. He sensed she was close. His tongue curled out of her and focused on her clit. Two fingers replaced the fleshy torture organ. She began to buck faster, her grip on head tightened.

Her legs were melting. They felt like butter beneath her. She could barely hold on. Tomi came harder than she had in a long time. Those other times were great, but this, this felt absolutely heavenly. Her hands fell away from his head. She used them to support herself against the sink instead. She watched as her lover rose to his feet, his lips still glistening with her love juices. She wanted to kiss him and so she did. The kiss was hot, made even hotter by the fact that they were in a toilet. Anyone could come at any moment. She smiled at the thought as they pulled apart.

“I don’t think I can wait for lip service anymore.” Segun groaned.

Tomi looked down and saw his bulge straining to get free. Poor man, he must be in so much agony. She chuckled as she unbuckled his belt and dragged out his raging boner. He was always so hot for her after giving her head. She didn’t exactly understand why, but she was glad for it. It made sense to receive head and then rounds of intense, skilled “penising” as they called it on Twitter nowadays. She turned around and presented her ass to him, leaning against the sink. She looked over her shoulder and winked at him.

He didn’t miss a beat. He was inside her in the blink of an eye. His raging boner was buried hilt deep in one swift thrust. She groaned at the pain and pleasure. His senses were clouded. All he could think of was her. He wanted her. Segun reached forward and unbuttoned her shirt, making eye contact with her in the mirror. She smiled in a lazy and yet seductive manner. He could tell that her senses were clouded too after all. He pulled out her breast from the confines of her bra and began to tease her nipple. At the same time, he began to move. Her eyes rolled in their sockets as the pleasure took her. His free hand wandered a little bit lower, searching for her clit. When it found it, she nearly screamed. She bit her lip to stop herself. He pumped his length inside her in long slow strokes, taking his time to tease her instead.

Tomi came again. Her pussy walls clenched hard on his erection and her hands gave way beneath her. She rested on her elbows instead. That was when he finally stopped teasing her nipple and clit. Instead, his now free hands grabbed her by the waist and then the plundering began.

He was in a daze. His movements were fast and hard. She was whimpering incoherently beneath him as he hammered away at her walls. He was starting to lose the last bits of his sanity. The look in her eyes in the mirror told him, she was just as gone as he was. He picked up the pace, feeling his balls begin to swell. He pushed down on her back, bring her hips even higher, leaving her with no option but to stay and take his hard thrusts.

“I am going to come.”

She only smiled, her eyes, revealed she might not have heard him.

“I am going to come.”

She kept smiling and nodded. She reached down and began to rub her clit herself. The act drew more moans from her and she felt her juices running down her leg. She was close too. She wanted them to come together.

He came a second before her. Flooding her insides with his warm spunk. He kept thrusting inside her as each spurt came out. Her third orgasm of that afternoon ripped through her like a wave. Her legs shook as she ground her ass to meet his slowing thrusts.

A few moments later, chests still heaving, they both made it out of the toilet and back to their table.

“I am going to regret this later,” Tomi said as she finished reapplying her lipstick.


“Well, sex on a full stomach is not exactly the sanest thing to do now is it?”

“I guess.”

On their way out of the restaurant, they ran into Kunle. Tomi’s chipper mood took a swan dive at that moment.

“Hey, Tomi how’s it been?” Kunle said in a very sweet voice.

“Fine, Kunle,” Tomi said, walking away. She pulled Segun along with her. Her boyfriend ripped his hands from her grasp. She turned to find out why. What she saw made her smile. Kunle was on the floor, hand holding his cheek.

“That’s for messing with my sister.” Segun spat.

The couple left a confused man lying on the floor, cheek still stinging from a very hot and unexpected slap.


Tall, Dark and Loves to write, what more could you want to know?

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  1. Beebee says:

    I can’t wait for kunle to be totally out of the picture. And i hope this rosy won’t be a kill joy for dan and mo. Good job dexter

    1. Dexter says:

      Thanks Beebee.
      I’m sure we all can’t wait to get tid of Kunle.

  2. Dotun Olajiga says:

    Dexter!!! Easy na. Rose and kunle better behave.

    1. I cant take it easy o. I have to dish it out hot hot.

  3. Jay says:

    That slap should have been a punch. I enjoyed this chapter too much. Well done

  4. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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