Long Night #17

Rosaline stood before the bed in her matching red lace undies. The whip in her hand called for her to use it. She steeled herself and resisted the urge to lash the young man on the bed. Her men were outside waiting for her. She had ordered them out minutes after her current prey had woken up. Before they left though, she had asked them to tie him spread-eagled to the four corners of the bed. This man for all his flaws and extreme stupidity was an attractive young man. She had to have him, if only once before she sent him on his way to dance in the pits of hell. She flicked the whip against her palm slowly.

“I have to say,” She said seductively, “you are an attractive young man.”

Kunle nodded. Sweat covered his brows. He was not sure what was going on. This woman, whoever she was, had threatened with death just a few minutes ago and here she was in her underwear calling him attractive.

His fear did nothing to stop him from gaining a boner though. His manhood was standing tall and proud.

“Too bad that you are worse than the scum of the earth,” Rosaline said as she flicked the whip against Kunle’s dick. “You don’t know what you did do you?”

Kunle shook his head. His dick throbbed with pain. That bloody whip hurt. He wondered where she had gotten it. Tears welled in his eyes and he struggled to hold them back.

Despite the pain, his dick remained standing.

“Well,” Rosaline continued as she reached out and grabbed the throbbing dick with her free hand, “you went out and hurt a toy of mine.” She slowly massaged his penis, easing his pain ever so slightly.

Her toy? Kunle’s mind raced as he tried to figure out who exactly he had hurt that was related to this woman. The only name that came to his mind was Morayo. In all the years he had been with her, he had never heard of anyone like this woman. So it could not be Morayo. If not her then who?

Rosaline saw the confusion on Kunle’s face and smiled slyly. She squeezed gently on his shaft, he jerked in response.

“You don’t even know who?” She asked sultrily, “Or do you?”

Kunle shook his head in the negative.

“You don’t even know that your actions have consequences.” She said, failing to keep her anger from her voice, “fools like you gain a little wisp of power and feel like you have made it.”

She grabbed his balls and squeezed hard. He screamed out loud in pain. A wicked smile appeared on Rosaline’s face as she continued to scream. Kunle thrashed around wildly trying to escape her grip. But the ropes were well tied and they did their work well. He continued to buck in pain like a bull struggling to break free, only when the first drops of tears left his eyes, did Rosaline let go.

“I’m sorry.” Kunle said between sobs, “I swear I am sorry.”

Rosaline chuckled, “You are not yet sorry.” She sliced the whip across his chest, hitting a nipple on the way. “But you will be by the time I am done with you.”

Kunle’s face blanched with fear.

Daniel lay with Morayo on a large blanket beneath the sky. She was cuddled up against his chest and the sound of her breathing as she slept filled him with joy. They had been here all night long, talking about what happened and how they were going to move forward. The resolution had been to put the past behind them and move on with their lives. He chuckled to himself at that last thought, Morayo had taken care to let him know that she had taken ‘morning after’ pills after the incident.

At least now they would not have to worry about her being pregnant now. All that was left was how they would deal with Kunle. Morayo refused to go to the police. She didn’t want to announce that she had been raped, to the world. Daniel had agreed with her for his own reasons. The way the police handled rape cases in the country, she was more likely to be blamed for the rape. It was best to leave them out of the matter entirely. Their dependability was not the best, after all, they hadn’t even found out who shot him yet.

He sighed as he closed his eyes.

“What are you thinking about?” Morayo said in a very sleepy voice. She didn’t bother to change her position, she loved cuddling with him a lot.

“You are awake?” He asked with his eyes still closed. “I was just thinking about if I’ll be able to keep up with your snoring for the rest of my life.”

She playfully punched him. “Meanie.”

He laughed and stroked her back with his hand.

“I love you.” Daniel said, “Your snoring won’t keep me away.”

 She smiled and curled up against him even more.

That morning as the sun began its daily climb, their world was at peace once again.

The sun’s ray pierced past the window and hit Kunle’s chest. His chest heaved from exhaustion. He was tired and in pain. His chest was riddled with welts and bruises. There were no more tears in his eyes. He had cried his eyes out during the last few hours. He looked over at the woman, his mistress. She insisted that he called her mistress, 30 minutes of whipping had trained his tongue on that. She had rewarded him with a handjob after that. He didn’t understand how despite the pain his penis could still remain erect.

“And that’s five.”

Her voice broke him out of his train of thought, she allowed him five minutes of rest. It was random. She could whip him and squeeze his balls for hours before the five minutes break, sometimes, it lasted only minutes. The only thing he had learned was this woman knew what she was doing. His mistress was no novice when it came to punishment.

“And what do you have to say?” her sexy voice sent what blood was left on his insides raging towards his dick, “Does your mistress not deserve thanks?”

“Thank you, mistress,” Kunle said in a parched voice. He desperately needed water.

“Oh?” Rosaline asked, “Are you thirsty?”

Kunle nodded. His arms ached from being tied up for so long.

“Very well,” Rosaline said as she pulled down her panties, “I will give you something to drink.”

She climbed onto the bed and placed herself above his face. She was wet, both from her lady juices and from sweat. She looked down at Kunle and smiled a wry smile, “Drink up slave.”

And she placed herself over his mouth. Kunle found himself struggling to breathe as she closed her thighs over his face. He reflexively opened his mouth to breathe better. His lips found her pussy instead. She ground her clit against his face furiously. She held on to the wall for support struggling to maintain her balance as the pleasure built up in her.

Kunle felt shame take him over. He thought of biting her pussy lips but with his limbs tied and her men outside, he’d only be putting himself at risk. He just lay there and let her ride his face. The most painful part was his dick stood tall and throbbing. He was aroused.

Kunle liked being dominated.

Tomi and Segun were having a good morning. He had his face buried between her thighs and she was riding the wave towards her third orgasm that morning. Her mind flashed back to when he had nudged her awake that morning. She had woken up to the sound of Daniel and Morayo returning from God-knows-where. The two of them had not been exactly loud but they had managed to break the silence of the home. Tomi had sleepily rolled back into bed, telling Segun something about not waking her up for another hour or two.

Sleep was the farthest thing from her mind right now. Segun’s expert tongue flicked against her hood, peeling it back to briefly reveal her engorged clit. His fingers curled and uncurled inside her. He was rubbing the top of her woman’s cave looking for her G-spot. He always found it, damn him. It was as if the man had a map of her body or something. As if to confirm her theory, his fingers brushed against her spongy spot, sending her crashing into the hot steamy embrace of her third orgasm that morning.

“That makes three.” He said as he climbed onto her.

She nodded. She faintly remembered agreeing to have sex with him only if he made her come thrice.

He smiled and plunged his hard hot member inside her.

She screamed at the welcome and yet sudden intrusion.

“Shush.” He said with a naughty smile on his face, “do you want my little sister knowing her brother has sex?”

“I’m pretty sure she…” the rest of Tomi’s words were swallowed as Segun began to move. His thrusts were deep and slow and she found herself whimpering every time he pulled out.  Her arms wrapped around him as she spread herself open to him. She wanted him to wreck her. Nothing quite like morning sex to set her soul on fire.

 A light knock on the door broke the spell.

Segun stilled himself inside her, his dick still pulsing.

It was Morayo’s voice that came from the other side of the door.

“I know you guys are in the middle of something,” she said nervously, “but I just couldn’t wait to tell you guys. Daniel asked me to marry him.”

She giggled and Tomi could have sworn that she heard Morayo blush, if such a thing were possible.

“Anyway,” Morayo continued, “you guys can continue.”

The sounds of her retreating footsteps sent Segun moving again. Slowly at first, but then he began to move faster. Tomi closed her eyes and let the storm take her too. The good news was like fuel poured on and already burning flame. Her spread legs moved to wrap around Segun’s waist. She let him guide them towards completion.

As he flooded her with his seed, Segun collapsed onto her, burying his face in her neck, “It seems Daniel and Morayo are moving faster than us.”

Tomi blanked at first, still recovering from her orgasm.

“I’m asking you to marry me, Tomi,” Segun said.

“While it is a given that I will marry you,” Tomi said, “but I will not be proposed to while someone is on top of me, crushing me with all their weight.”

Segun chuckled and rolled off her, “I will do better then.”

“You better.”

Kunle crawled out of the room on all fours, a rope hanging from his neck. At the other end of the rope was Rosaline’s hand. She pulled him after her outside the door. Her men were helping themselves to drinks from Kunle’s fridge. Hadizah sat curled up in a corner. The poor girl was still naked. Kunle smiled at her and winked.

“What’s so funny, pet?” His mistress’s sweet voice rang out, sending shivers down his spine.

“I find her situation pitiful mistress,” Kunle answered, “She has not received the true enlightenment of domination. I thought I could show her, but only now do I know how silly I was.”

Rosaline chuckled as she motioned to her men. It was time to leave.

“I am glad you realize the error of your ways.” She said. She turned towards Hadizah and pointed at her, “you there, be on your way. Be glad that I am in a good mood. Let no one hear of what happened here. Otherwise, I might have to come and find you Hadizah Abdulrasheed.”

The dark-skinned girl’s face lit up in shock.

“Don’t be surprised,” Rosaline continued, “I know all I need to know about you. My people know how to find people I want to be found. That’s how I found this new pet of mine here.”  She raised the rope in her hand to show what she meant.

Hadizah nodded and hastily got to her feet. The girl rushed out of the house. The next morning she was on a bus headed back home. Serving the fatherland could wait for a while.

Rosaline led Kunle like a dog and pulled him into the car after her.

“Bark for me, pet.” Rosaline said, “Bark!”

The sound of Kunle’s barking was drowned out as the engine roared to life.

Hello everyone as you might have surmised, we have neared the end of the Long Night series. It’s been a wonderful time writing for you guys. I hope to write more stories for you all going forward. Once again, thank you all for the followership. Special shout out to Sally for this opportunity. Thank you and may you keep going places. I love you guys so much- Dexter

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    Thank God, Morayo and her Boo are okay.
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  3. Thank you Dexter, you can’t imagine the joy i feel that Kunle got what he deserves and my Mo is doing great

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