Long Night #8

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As Morayo worked on her computer, her thoughts kept returning to the little box on her table. She was curious about its contents and it was taking a lot of willpower not to rip apart the box and find out its secrets. She stopped working and sat back in her chair, Daniel was definitely taking his sweet time in getting back to her. The man was a tease, a big one at that, well two could play at that game. She grabbed her phone and undid a couple of her shirt’s buttons, ensured enough of her cleavage was showing, snapped a picture and sent it to him.

Daniel smiled as his phone lit up, Morayo’s notification tone ringing out. He had been expecting her message for a while now. He had expected her curiosity would get the best of her sooner or later. He picked up his phone and opened her message. The sight of her cleavage had him hardening in his pants, maybe he had teased her long enough. He took another look at the picture and made his decision. He had definitely teased her enough. He logged on to the video chat service on his computer and dialed her up. He smiled brightly when her face appeared on his screen, her shirt buttons still undone.

“I see you got my message.” She said, her voice sent more blood rushing to his already erect member.

“I definitely did. It seems I made you wait too long.” He replied, he leaned back in his seat and folded his hands behind his head, a wide grin on his face. “Hope you haven’t opened my little box of secrets behind my back?”

“I haven’t and you know it.” She shot back. She wagged her finger at him before grabbing the box and putting it on screen for him to see.

He chuckled and gave her the go ahead to open the box. He laughed louder as she hastily tore away the ribbons covering the box and reached in to drag out the contents.

“What is this? Wait a minute, is this what I think it is?” She asked as surprise settled on her face.

“Yes it is.” He replied, enjoying the look on her face.

She held the little device in her hand, turning it over repeatedly as if that would turn it on. He smiled and leaned in, “Why don’t you put it in? Let’s see how crazy I can make you at work.”

Moray smiled as she stood up. She stepped back, making sure to stay within his line of vision as she raised her skirt and took off her panties. She flung them at the screen, shocking both of them with the act. She smiled sheepishly, Daniel was doing wonderful things to her. She inserted the little device, making sure it rested well on her little button.

They had talked about toys once at dinner, he had been excited about the topic, even more so than she who raised the idea. They had agreed they would try toys out but she had just not expected it this early. She made a show of walking back to her desk, her skirt still huddled up at her waist. She had barely sat back again at her desk, when the door to her office opened and her intern walked in.

She scrambled to grab her panties of the table before looking up at the young man.

“Yes Jude? What is it?”

“Ma, the secretary asked me to bring in this memos. Something about the upcoming board meeting.” The young man replied.

Morayo hastily grabbed the papers out of his hands and looked it over. She was still reading through when the first jolt went right through her, she yelped as the little device came alive inside her, rubbing against her clit. Jude’s words of concern barely registered in her mind, but she was able to send the boy on his way with instructions to tell her secretary she was not to be disturbed.

“Why did you do that?” She managed to groan out as the little toy inside her continued to send little waves of pleasure straight to her core.

“I thought it would be fun. And I was right, it was fun. At least for me” Daniel said as his face disappeared from her screen as he stood and undid his belt buckle. He reached into his pants and dragged out his raging erection. He stroked it a few times before sitting down. Morayo moaned in disapproval as the object of her attention disappeared from view.

“So, here’s how it’s going to go down. I am going to make you come while I stroke myself. You will do as you are told. Do you understand?” When all he got was a little nod, Daniel turned up the dial on the vibe.

“Yes!!!!!” Morayo hissed. She gripped the edges of her chair for support. Damn him! She hated and yet loved how he was when he was in control. Her head was spinning now. Fuck. The toy inside her was relentless. It continued to hum as it worked, rubbing against her clit with mechanical tenacity.

“Let me see those breasts, baby girl. You obviously love teasing me with them.” Daniel’s voice rang out from the speaker, drawing her out of the void of incessant pleasure. She obediently undid the rest of the buttons on her shirt. Her breasts jiggled as her hands worked. She saw him lick his lips in anticipation. God, she loved how much he wanted her. Beyond the sex, it did things to her, to know she wielded that much power over him. She cupped her breasts still in her bra and cocked her head.

“Are these what you want?” She asked, her voice raspy with want.

The wave hit her hard. She groaned in frustration as the vibe hummed louder now. He had turned it up. The bastard.

“I’m in charge here little lady. Don’t forget that.” Daniel said.

She nodded vigorously as she rubbed her thighs together furiously. She freed her breasts from her bra cups and teased her nipples for him. She saw his hand moving. He was stroking himself. He was stroking himself to the sight of her. God! Another wave of pleasure rolled through her and she had to bite her lip to keep from screaming.

“Good girl. Tease those babies for daddy.”

His voice was heavy too, like he was breathless. The idea that they could be interrupted at any point crossed her mind and only served to fan the flames of lust. She sat back in her chair, tugging on her nipples. She placed both legs on the arms of her chair, spreading herself as much as she could for him to see. They began to pant in unison. His hand was moving faster now. Pumping his shaft as hard as he could. She knew he was close, so was she. She saw him fiddle with the remote briefly. The vibe inside her responded almost immediately.

It worked up its pace. Rubbing against her clit with relative abandon. She shook on her chair, letting out silent screams and long moans of frustration. She struggled to keep her eyes open to watch him. She wanted to see him fill the air with his cum. She needed to see it.

“I am coming.” He managed to groan out before he began to jerk.

His words set Morayo off. She bucked in her seat as she struggled to keep herself from screaming. Her hands flew to her mouth, covering up her failed attempt. She continued to shake and jerk as the vibe kept going. She looked pleadingly at Daniel on the screen. He was no longer there. The vibe continued to work its magic.

She heard him speaking to someone off-screen. Something about getting it done, but her mind couldn’t process the words. The vibe was relentless. It rubbed her clit with even more fervor. She contemplated removing it, but she didn’t want to risk disobeying Daniel. He had not told her to remove it after all.

He sat back in his chair a few minutes later. He placed his hands behind his head and smiled as he watched her. Her eyes watered, she was going mad. Her hands were failing to keep her moans quiet. She pleaded with him with her eyes as much as she could. He only smiled. The bastard was torturing her. Her mind was beginning to go blank.

“Please!” she groaned. Only then did he turn it off.

She almost screamed from the feeling. The relief hit her hard, sending her into the throes of another mini orgasm. She fell back in her chair, her legs still obscenely spread. She muttered under her breath as she struggled to recover.

“Well, that was fun wasn’t it babe?” He asked. The idiot was smirking.

“You… You almost… you almost killed me.” She muttered. He only smiled some more.

“We should try this again. But duty calls dear Morayo. I have to go. Bye, talk to you later tonight?” He asked as he redid his belt and adjusted himself.

“Sure. Bye.” She answered.

Later that day as she made her way to her car, Morayo found a man waiting by her car. He looked oddly familiar. He stood with his back to her and seemed to be waiting for her.

She approached him. Recognition appeared on her face, quickly replaced with annoyance. What was he doing here? The bastard had the guts to appear before her. She cleared her throat once she reached him. He turned and there was a smile on his face.

“Morayo my dear. I have missed you.” Kunle her ex said as he crushed her in an unreturned hug.

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  1. This Mo and Dan’s game is looking dangerous ooooo. Why is Kunle even back, mschewwww…..

    • Danger is sexy until it’s not.
      Kunle has his reasons…. All will be brought to light soon.

  2. This thing these people are doing at work ehn! Me ayam nor dia o.
    These recurring decimals that exes are. Just as Mo and Daniel are starting to get along beyond the throes of shared passion, the ex strolls back in.
    This is getting more interesting.

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