Memoirs Of A Repentant Escort #14

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Being too scared to spend the night in my room even though Jide offered his company, still, we had to crash at his side.

Jide had a four-bedroom beautiful flat to his name and from his sweat. Being a hardworking man, he was financially okay even though he tried to conceal it by being humble with everything. He was an Engineer by profession. He studied Engineering after which he went for his six months advanced course.

He talked more about God than he ever did about sex. He never misused any opportunity he had to flaunt the God factor in my face and neither did he conceal his happiness about seeing me in church; not that I have never been to church before but that was his first time of seeing me the day I had that crazy encounter with Amaka’s ‘father-monster’ dad.

Yea. . . We slept on the same bed. He held onto me tightly throughout the night as if those who broke into my room were coming to steal me away from him. I slept in one of his shirts he gave to me when we arrived his place the previous night. . . Oh! Okay, he wasn’t there when I changed, that’s if you were thinking he was.

Holding me throughout the night for a moment felt like it was the second best thing that had happened to me after him being in my life. . . When I woke up, he was gone; to somewhere I didn’t know. So, I decided to stall a little longer in bed. . . Something Amaka does more than often!

After stalling for like 15 minutes, I decided to rise up from bed and go find the love of my life.

I entered the perfectly decorated living room and from there, I could see the kitchen from afar. Jide’s living room/kitchen setting shared a similar outlook with my place at No. 5. I walked into the kitchen, still dressed in Jide’s shirt which was only an inch below my buttocks leaving my hot laps and legs for nature to appreciate and there I was, staring into the sexy of eyes of Jide who was busy preparing what looked like white rice, stew and plantain. . . Nothing excited me these days like food and I really couldn’t wait to have a bite of what Jide was cooking actually smelled good.

“Hey! Good morning!” I said finally.

“Finally, someone decided to wake up!” he said smiling.

“I guess. . .”

“Hope you slept well?” He asked with his eyes sizing me up from head to toe!

“I sure did. . . And that smells nice.”

“I’m sure it does. . . Wait till it gets into your mouth. I bad like that.”


Chatting with him like that was so much fun and I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing that everyday. He never bores me and I wanted so much of that.

“So you are this hot in the mornings! Hmmmm. . . Are you sure you won’t be spending more nights here. . . You know, that’s like praying your house gets broken into every night so you have no option than to be here!”

“Are you kidding?” I said with so much fun in my voice.

“You know I am. . .” he said trying to scoop the rice and the stew into separate bowls.

“So what do you think?. . .” he asked again.

“About?” I asked pretending like I didn’t know what he was talking about. I didn’t take him seriously because he was yet to say a word about our discussion.

“You are unserious jor. . . Get over here and help me with taking these foods to the dining table.”

“Yes sir. . . But no, to that proposal!” I said, holding the bowls of rice and stew in a tray to the dining table.

“Okay. . . We shall see!”

With everything beautifully set on the dining table, and Jide looking so clean and handsome in a t-shirt and shorts and a green apron tied to his chest, I smiled, the only thing missing would have been a chef-like cap to complement his outlook.

“You should go and clean up! Food is ready before it gets cold. I will be here waiting for you.” He said.

“Alright sir. . . Off I go. . . And you look ridiculous in that apron! You should remove it already!”

“Whatever! Sha go and clean up. . . Silly girl”

“Silly chef!” I replied him stretching my eyes with my hands and my tongue dangling out of my mouth.

“You look ridiculous!” He said.

“Won’t you come show me to the bathroom?”

“My bad but nope! First turning by the right. . . That’s the bathroom!”

“You are unbelievable. . . I wasn’t gonna do anything.”

“I know!” He winked at me.

Less than fifteen minutes was all I needed to come out of the bathroom looking drooling! I didn’t come with anything of mine so I had to use Jide’s body cream which wasn’t bad for a body cream. . . lol!

Having made up my mind to wear the previous night’s cloth, I looked at the other side of the bed trying to get it on the couch in the room but I couldn’t, instead, I saw something amazing.

On the bed was a beautiful short red dress still packaged in a nylon with an hanger at the neck area of the dress and on it was a beautiful note that read You should wear this. . . I’m sure it would look flattering on you.

I couldn’t believe it. . . I wanted to go to the living room in my towel and ask him if that was meant for me and all but wouldn’t it be so pointless? It was for me obviously. So, why not just get into the dress and look amazing in it just like he had expected.

I slipped my body into the dress and OMG! It was a perfect fit. . . Though red is my second favourite colour, it’s always flattering on me! But if this cloth had come in black and red shades, Amaka would have ditched black for the red and I would have gladly taken the black over the red. . . We hardly struggle for clothes especially when it comes in those shades.

But seriously, what time did he wake up? Had his bath? Went to a clothing store to get me this gorgeous cloth and then prepare us a breakfast? Maybe he already bought it before and then waiting for a perfect time to give it to me or maybe I would have had it earlier before now? Does it matter? It’s already 9.00a.m. and I’m sure the tasty meal is about getting cold. I sprayed a little of his perfume on my body. Styled my artificial locks and of course, there was no makeup unless I would have to branch by my place and do the stuff if there was somewhere important we might be going to and then I slipped my feet into my sandal. . . I wish I had heels; it would have done the outfit justice.

Then, I stepped out.

“Wow! You look amazing even without the face paintings!”

“You are crazy! It’s called makeup not face paintings!” I sniggered!

“Who cares! You are looking so delectable. . . Isn’t he lucky?”

“I guess he is. . . ” I said with little confidence.

The more he tried to make me feel like I deserve the good things of life and a perfect man like him, the more I couldn’t believe it.

“Hey. . . I meant it when I said you looked delectable” He said walking up to me and holding my arms.

“No matter where you’ve been, who you’ve been or what you’ve done, you are not less amazing and neither do you deserve to be treated like crap! You deserve every love people around you are getting. . . So, I am lucky I’m having you and it matters to me that you believe that. . . Okay?” he said looking straight into my eyes.

“Okay. . . but wait, you are having me?” I asked almost crying.

“Yes, I am having you and you look terrible when you cry. . . So shake it off, food is getting cold.” He said trying to wipe my tears with his hand.

I drew him back, lock my lips into his and I gave him the longest kiss ever! It wasn’t about the duration but it was warm feeling his succulent lips against mine. It wasn’t rough like I used to have them. . . It felt safe. . . full of passion and intensity. . . I never wanted to stop but I have to. . . A lot of energy went into that delectable meal on the table staring at us.

“Thank you!” I finally said, detaching my lips from his. . . “I love the dress. It’s beautiful.”

“You are welcome. . . It’s indeed flattering on you.” He said holding onto my hands tightly.

We set to business. . . The food business and I couldn’t stop looking into his eyes. . . It’s like where I want to be and all I want to look at.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

The drive to the Police Station was longer than I had expected. Jide was taking it slow with the wheel and whistling to James Blunt’s “Beautiful” playing from the stereo with so much smile beaming on his face like someone whose joy knew no bounds.

I on the other hand was somewhere serene and beautiful. My mind was in a magic land with beautiful flowers in different colours and there it was like Jide and I having a beautiful dance like the Wizard of Oz and Theodora, the witch. I had expected Jide to reject me and I would have understood the reason why but now, he wants me beyond my mess and ugliness. He was going to be mine forever and I am going to be his. “We are going to cross every huddle that needs to be crossed together; you and I. . . so stop thinking.” The voice of Jide sprung me back to life.

“We are here already?” I asked with my face partially smiling and looking mischievous.

“Yes we are. . . What were you thinking about? Cos I said something to you some minutes ago and I’m sure you never heard.” He said looking into my face.

“You said something. . . I heard your voice.” I replied.

“It is well with you. . . I just said everything would be okay.”

“Yeah. I know that dear.”

Oops! It was too late to hold back the last word ‘dear’. It just flew out. I guess I was too engulfed in the excitement that it just flew out. Jide looked at me like he was trying to calm me down like I had just seen a ghost. He touched me on the face and blew me a kiss.

“It’s fine really. . . My love!” he said winking at me.

Jide had insisted that we come to the Police Station to report that my apartment was burgled. Left to me, I wouldn’t have bothered ‘cos something tells me that everything happening revolved around Amaka and I hope she starts talking soon before things get out of hand.

The officer that was in charge of Amaka’s detention the other time wasn’t on duty. I was hoping he was maybe he would have something amusing to say this time around as regards Amaka’s whereabouts or the new complaint we came for. The officer on duty didn’t waste our time as such. He brought out some papers for me to fill and then I wrote a statement which Jide had refused to write after all, coming down to report was his idea. The officer asked if I could think of anyone who would have thought of hurting me or anyone close to me. Well, my mind went straight to Chief Collins, the unofficial Amaka’s ‘father-monster.’ I could think of a reason why he would want to hurt me judging by the encounter at the church but at the same time, I could think of several reasons why the thought felt so unreasonable. Moreover, we’ve only met twice. Once at the hospital and the other time at the church. He possibly didn’t have an idea that Amaka and I stay together or maybe he does know where I live after all, he follows every movement his wife makes.

I decided to discard the idea. Jide told the Police Officer that we couldn’t think of anyone who might want to hurt us.

“Was there any loss of property? Money? Fortune. . .” the officer asked.

He sounded as if he had just finished treating Synonyms before he came to work. Money? Fortune? Property? Are they not all fortune?

“Not at all. . . All we noticed was a disorganized room; like as if someone was desperately searching for something.” I replied him.

“I see. . . Maybe I should have asked this way, Do you have someone else’s possession in your care that he/she desperately wants back?” the officer fired at me again.

“What do you mean Officer?” I gave him one terrible eye look hoping he sees it.

“I’m just trying to help you Madam. . . See o! I just dey ask necessary questions. . . Abi wetin be my own? Na your house dem burgle no be my own o!”

“You said what?” Jide fired back at the man. He didn’t even give him a breathing space.

“I just dey talk my talk ni o Madam! Abeg take sorry chop am if you don vex!”

“I shouldn’t be caught banting words with you Officer!. . . I think we are done here.”

“Yeah. I couldn’t but agree with you.” Jide said drawing me closer and holding me by the waist and that actually felt cozy.

“If I get any information for you, we go contact you madam!”

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jide swerved on the road that led to my number 5 home. It was then I realized that my apartment was as good as open from the previous night. It was like the people who burgled the apartment came with hammer, saw and every hacking instrument one could think of cos seriously, the door wasn’t an easy one to break and it made me wonder how some hoodlums would have done so without anybody in the apartment being aware unless they all went out at the same time. . . Whatever! The deed had already been done and I was left with tons of cleaning and rearrangements to do.

“You are taking me back home already?” I asked Jide looking into his eyes.

“Yes, I guess. . .” he replied focusing on the road.

“Okay. . . I thought we had some places to go; I mean the dress and everything. . .”

I was beginning to sound disappointed and exhausted like as if I had dressed for nothing. Yes, I do like to dress well but I thought Jide was taking me somewhere special or maybe I was just the one who thought I do not deserve something special on a normal day.

“We are home baby!” Jide said looking at me as if he didn’t hear me talk.

“So you are just gonna ignore my question by telling me we are home?”

“No my love. I’m not gonna ignore your question. I’m just gonna take it slow.”

I got down from the car to a very different apartment outlook. The door had been fixed, the locks changed and I was caught in the gazes of Mama Seun, Eliza and Okon.

“What happened?” I asked facing Jide as if I was sure he has the undiluted response to my question.

“Anyways, I asked my carpenter to come by and help with the repairs and also to get whoever and whatever he needed in making sure the repair was well done. So, he came by this morning to drop the keys. . . and here they are.” He said holding the keys dangling in his hands.

“Seriously? You did that for me?” I asked filled with so much emotion.

“Yes. I did that for you. So, shall we. . .”

“Thank you very much.” I said hugging him tightly not minding the roving eyes of Mama Seun and the likes.

“Chei! Love nwantintin o!. . .”

“Na you sabi o Mama Seun! Abeg, I be wan enter my room. See una later ehn!”

“Alright. . . Go and flenjor with your man jare! I help thank God for you o! Finally!”

Hehehehehe. . . I couldn’t contain my laughter. Her words made me feel guilty about Baba Seun. It’s been a while I saw him and I wanted to ask her what’s up with him but I guess I’d rather let it be.

“Awwww. . . they didn’t clean the room too?” I said smiling sheepishly.

“No, they didn’t! See your mouth like ‘clean the room’. . .”

“Why didn’t they? You would have so made my day you know!” I said with so much teasing.

“Well. . . I guess they weren’t trained to clean up people’s home. You would have to do that yourself.”

“I could see that. . . So why are we here? You plan on helping me clean up and spending the rest of the day with me?”

“Awwww! I wish but I’m taking you out for lunch.”

“Well, that’s super cool”I said feeling elated.

“So, do you think you can still find out your makeup box amidst this mess?”

“You’re silly. It wasn’t my room that was ransacked. It was just Amaka’s. So, ain’t gonna sweat about getting my makeup on.”

“Alright. . . Go work your magic. We have less than 30 minutes to be there.”

“Okay sir!”

My response to Jide made me realised that truly everything that had been happening have so much to do with Amaka. That means that, the people who came here knew this place. The search was precise apart from the livingroom that was messed up. Hmmmm. . . Was Amaka keeping something that belonged to someone else? Did they find it?

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