His Little Black Book #5

Abuja was a disaster.

I wish I hadn’t gone. Wish I had made a mountain out of a molehill over my ankle injury and stayed back. Then I would have spared myself the heartbreak and embarrassment that followed.

Now, the trip didn’t start out badly, although my ankle was hurting and I was uncomfortable with my short skirt which was bent on exposing my nudity in front of my boss. Don’t get me wrong. I have nursed fantasies of me being nude before him but not like that. Not with the chauffer sitting in front and thinking of me as a slut. You see the problem with people like us who are down the status ladder is that we don’t support each other. The chauffer carried this look on his face like I had thrown myself at the boss. But I had not. The bloody stiletto had.

Anyway, who cared what he thought. My prince charming was worried about me and made us stop by at a pharmacy to have me checked. Turned out the ankle was dislocated. The pharmacist fixed it, massaged it with some balmy ointment and thinking my boss was my boyfriend, taught him how to massage it.

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  1. Avatar

    Jeezzzz!!!! Anna is so busted. she
    should just tender a resignation letter
    sharperly…. lol…. beautiful episode as
    usual Sally, oh how I’ve missed u and
    this series 🙂 🙂

  2. Avatar

    Hmmmm Anna,so sad ur boss had to react in that manner,I’m sure he did nt min to act like dat.pele shogbo

  3. Avatar

    Hahahaha… The things we do for love… Abi is it infatuataion sef?! If this were a nollywood script, Anna would relegate Zara though, but this is Sally, anything can happen. Now she has to channel her inner solomonia to save her job plus she owes Lola one full dose of 100% pure anna banana tonguelash for that bad advice.
    P.S: this is officially my last comment here in 2014 :). I thank God for especially bringing us to the end of another year, 2015 will be a much greater year for us all. Wishing everyone a happy new year.

  4. Avatar

    Nice one Sally,at this point I think its time for Anna to resign.by the way,what was she even thinking??….lol

  5. Avatar

    Sally pls continue the immortal code na and also the nasty cord of three, i’ve been waiting for long praying you continue the story. lest i forget im seriously enjoying “HIS LITTLE BLACK BOOK” ride on woman of knowledge


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