Unfulfilled Promises by Audrey Timms

Hi guys!

I’m excited to introduce someone new here. I’m a fan and I’m sure you’ll like her work too. she has graciously offered to share with us her novel, Unfulfilled Promises.

Audrey Timms describes herself as an upcoming writer who loves watching football, writing, reading and traveling. She’s married and lives in the north.

Please do show love. She’ll love encouraging and helpful feedback. The story will be posted twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Today, I bring you the prologue.

Enjoy the read and the rest of your day.



Unfulfilled Promises is a thrilling story of love, high school romance, betrayal, secrets, bitterness and hatred. It’s the story of a young girl, Oleng, who had life’s punches thrown at her by the people she loved; from her mother to her childhood boyfriend to even her husband. This story will make you laugh, cry, grit your teeth in anger but in the end, you would have learnt a lot with smiles.






With slightly shaky hands, the old woman pulled up the toilet seat, lifted up her yellow and brown stripped maxi dress and black underwear and sat down on the toilet seat. She sighed with contentment at the first few drops of urine. The sound of urea splashing on water filled the place. When she was done, she got up, righted her clothes and told the toilet to flush. She walked slowly to the washbasin and told the tap to come on. She washed her hands slowly, told it to stop and took a towel from the hangar to dry her hands. She stared at her reflection in the mirror above the washbasin.


A smile slowly turned the corners of her lips. She was aging beautifully. She didn’t look bad for a woman of seventy. Of course she had wrinkles but they didn’t mar her beauty. She still had the pointed nose that made her features striking. She scratched her grey hair that was tied in a knot at her nape.


She tossed the towel on the hangar and took dainty steps back to her room. She got to her rocking chair by the window, removed the romance novel she’d been reading before the call of nature, sat on it and told it to rock. She continued from where she stopped until she heard voices. She paused in her reading. She could distinctly hear the laughter of her son’s last child.


The old woman told the chair to stop, got up and walked to the window. She pulled aside the velvet drapes, looked in the direction of the laughter and saw her grandchild laughing joyfully with a guy at the front steps.


The old woman’s wrinkled brows furrowed in a frown when she noticed the guy was twirling her youngest grandchild’s long corn rolls in his hand and the ninny was loving every minute of it. The guy who was obviously her schoolmate from the sky blue shirt, dark blue blazers and black trousers he had on and backpack, moved to the second step which she was on and placed his hands on her shoulders. He gazed lovingly into her eyes before giving her a peck. The silly girl smiled shyly and gazed at her sandals while gripping hard her black pencil skirt. She however raised her head to tell him goodbye and watched him till the gate man opened the small gate and he left. She touched a finger to her cheek and smiled before commanding the black wooden front door to open.


The old woman went back to her chair and waited for the naughty girl. O no! History wasn’t going to take place again. Sure enough, the beautiful fair skinned girl flounced into the room after a quick knock and a command.


“Grandma! Good afternoon.” She removed her backpack and dropped it beside the bed before going to give her grandmother a peck on her left cheek. She sat down on the bed and began to remove her black sandals and dark blue socks.


“How was school today?”


The teenager fell back of the bed with raised hands and a naughty smile on her face.


“Sensational.” She finally said after a moment of silence.


“I see.” Her grandmother replied shortly.


Tonia sat up and scratched her nose. “Where’s grandpa?”


“He went with your dad to the office.”


She shrugged and picked up her socks and sandals.


“I’m starving. See you later, grandma.” She picked up her backpack on her way to the door.


Her grandmother waited for her to get to the door before calling her name gently. She turned around slowly.


“When you’re through with taking your bath, eating lunch and doing your homework, please come back here. We need to talk.”


Tonia nodded slowly. The door opened and closed at the sound of her voice. She dragged her bag slowly behind her to her room at the end of the corridor. Her grandmother’s words had been gently but firmly spoken. She wondered what she wanted to talk about. She and grandpa had come there just two days ago after going on a world tour for a year. The young girl prayed it wasn’t one of those words of wisdom parable thingy. She wasn’t in the mood for such. She however rushed through taking her bath, eating and doing her assignments.


She knocked gently on the door and walked in. Her grandmother was still in the same position she’d left her though she was reading a novel. Her grandmother was a sucker for romance novels like her. They usually exchanged novels and reviewed them together. Maybe she wanted to discuss this particular one with her.


“I’m through, grandma.” She announced and sat on the bed.


The old woman told the chair to stop, she put her novel aside and got up.


“That was fast.” She teased as she sat down beside her granddaughter. Tonia’s face lit up in with a smile. “I’m eager to hear what you have to say.”


Her grandmother smiled. “Is that so?”


Tonia smiled again and nodded.


The old woman’s expression became serious. “Who was that young man I saw you with this afternoon?”


Tonia’s jaw literary dropped. She gulped and unconsciously moved farther from her grandmother who smiled.


“He…he’s a classmate.” She blurted out.


“A pecking classmate?” She asked, tongue-in-cheek.


Tonia visibly reddened like an overripe tomato. Her gaze was fixed at the white and blue flowery tiles.


The old woman picked up her novel again. “This is just fiction. It helps you escape the truth of this world and engage in a world of fantasy. Life usually doesn’t play out the way these romance novels put them.”


A sigh escaped her grandmother’s lips.

“Has your father ever told you the story of my life?”


With widened eyes, the nervous girl shook her head.


“Then sit back, listen to my story and learn lessons from it. Hopefully we’d be done before they all come back.”

Read episode 1 HERE

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  1. Avatar

    Nice. Sure looking for it to get better and more gripping as it unfolds

  2. Avatar

    Oh oh! Romance? Hmmm… Not exactly a fan but hopefully there’ll be a lot of intrigue. I look forward to it.

  3. Avatar

    Nice start but pls don’t allow it get too tragic and always try to protect d main character so dat I don’t loose interest yaay!! another romance!!!

  4. Avatar
    Imotolab2014 Reply

    Hmmmmmm. Let d tide begin…………. Looking forward to this. . N wow! Twice a week? Hmmmmmm.

  5. Avatar

    Another block buster. If it has Sally’s approval then we are in for a ride…..Can’t wait Audrey!!!!! *dancing

  6. Avatar

    Yes, a lovely story.
    am her secret fan.
    u all will enjoy it.

  7. Avatar

    u know what sally? I love u. unfulfilled promises is d bomb, Audrey is good.

  8. chreez

    Oh… Dear me. Its looking magical already, the story. Everything obeys commands- voice commands. I surely would love this story

  9. Avatar

    Its too short for a start ooh, bonus please. Nice one….keep it rolling.

  10. Avatar

    Since Sally endorsed this one,i’m a fan. Nice one.

    But grandma and Tonia seems to posses magical,everything in the house obeys their commands. Or is it the author’s style of writing?

  11. Avatar
    Audrey Timms Reply

    Thanks everyone for your beautiful comments. I’m glad to share this story with you all. Thanks Sally for this opportunity.

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    ℓ♡√ε̲̣ it so much,wlf ℓ♡√ε̲̣ to know as soon as oda stories are post


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