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“Sugar Daddy Chronicles: Lewa” Is Why Tomilola Adeyemo Is the New Queen of Erotica

When Tomi started the first Sugar Daddy Chronicles on that year, I was a fan of the work. I remember I was writing It’s Another Saturday at the same time, but whenever she dropped an episode of SDC, I’d leave whatever I was doing to catch up.

Years later, I was excited to get an email (as a bonified fan of hers that I am) that she had hopped back on the series. I started following it as I did the previous one, and it turned out to be more addictive. But the thing I loved most about this version was the steaminess. Tomi turned up the heat on this one. Right off the bat, I knew I was reading erotica, and I was so there for it.

So, I encouraged my friend to let go and let her pen flow because she’s so good at this sex thing. Writing it, I mean. I don’t know anything about her sex life o, lol.

Anyways, that is why she’s dedicated the book to moi; and once you open it, you’ll see this

I have read the book, and let me just do a small breakdown of what it’s about.

We have Omolewa Ogunleye (Lewa)

This story is about her and how she leaves her basic as fuck life in Ijebu Ode to chase the Lagos dream, arranged by her mom who connects her to a relative, Funke (Sisi). Now, Sisi isn’t just the rich auntie who has everything going for her in Lagos. She runs an escort service that caters to the richest of rich in Nigeria—and Lewa with all her dripping sexiness is a perfect addition to her harem.

Because of the type of clientele Sisi maintains, her girls have to go through a spiritual ritual that ties them to her for life. This is where Dimeji Shogbesan (Sho) comes in. He is Sisi’s right hand man and a sexy ass Babalawo with a phallus that confuses women. On the night of the initiation, Lewa and Sho have their first encounter. It is spiritual and sexual. It is lust at first sight.

As Lewa’s life progresses in the escort trade, she begins to seek more than what life currently hands her. She begins to fall for Sho, even though she knows it could lead to her death if Sisi feels threatened by their dalliance. Sho himself knows he is playing a dangerous game with Lewa, but he is stubborn and is certain that Sisi is no match for him. She is also seeking redemption and an escape from his present life. Lewa gives him a reason to be a better man.

Their relationship deepens but the forces that want to pull them apart are strong as well. Lewa and Sho must overcome everything, especially the spiritual tie Lewa has to Sisi, to find their happily-ever-after. At this point, they are certain that it’s beyond the sex and both of them are willing to risk it all to be together.

I promised Tomi that I would be doing a review of this book, but I have a bias for my girl, and I’d rather tell you why you should read Sugar Daddy Chronicles: Lewa.

  • It’s Sweet Erotic Romance: If you think this book is going to spare you moments to stop and cleanse your mind, please, pick another book. I already mentioned this, but I am reiterating. It has all the heat and spiciness for a steamy romantic erotica. Tomi holds nothing back. She just dives right into the fucking. Lewa and Sho constantly have their hands on each other.
“Since I fucked you, you were all I wanted to do.”
  • Tomi Tells a Fascinating Tale: I won’t recommend something to you, if I didn’t think you’d enjoy it. Tomi is a master storyteller. I only roll with the best. This is one of her finest works. I enjoyed it from start to finish.
  • It’s Unapologetically African: One thing Tomi knows how to do is to stick to her roots. She’s Yoruba and she’s not ashamed to share her culture with us through her stories. I have learned a lot from reading her books. I started seeing Babalawos differently after reading this story—and I don’t mean it in a sexual way. Tomi stripped off the thin veil of mystery and drew me into Yoruba spirituality. Now, I want more.
  • The Characters Are Real: Tomi makes no attempt to paint her characters in a perfect light. Lewa and Sho are flawed, selfish, and damaged. It’s the story about two broken people who find amazing sex and each other’s hearts, eventually. I particularly love that feelings didn’t come first because in real life, these things happen. Even amongst ‘bad’ people, sweetness flows.
  • Great Sex: Think of all the types of sex people can have, Tomi has it in this book. She took her time, describing it in detail. I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t stop a few times to let my mind wonder far as I inserted myself into the story. Wahala for who no get boo. It’s an enjoyable read, and yes, it will get to you. If it doesn’t, then go and check yourself.
  • The Second Person Narrative Never Sounded Sexier: Normally, I’m not a fan of the second person narrative. But Tomi did a splendid job with this, and it didn’t drag at all. It was fast-paced and engaging. It felt like I was reading a steamy love letter from a woman to her lover. It made it more personal than the usual third person narrative. Totally love it!

So, go and get your copy of Sugar Daddy Chronicles: Lewa on Bambooks >>>> HERE

And Amazon >>>> HERE

This is Tomi, by the way

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  1. JustDotun says:

    I read the book o, unapologetic fan here. Sally, you hit the spot with your review.
    Nice one.

  2. Tomilola Coco says:

    Came here to re-read this and to say thank you so much, Sal! This captured the essence of SDC and more. Thanks!

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  4. Honey💕 says:

    Oh wow! Thank you so much for this update. I loved sugar daddy chronicles then when it was still on 360nobs. I’m really glad she’s back, I’m so getting the book😍💃🤩Thanks a lot mama💕💕

  5. Olubukola says:

    This post made me remember getting to know about you and Tomi on 360nobs. And I had to go check the website again after a very long time but seen it no longer exist🥹

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