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Where To Find Breasts #6

Thank you fam for the massive support on this series. I never esperrerit :D. From Facebook, to Intsagram and Twitter and the comment section here. Whew!And yes, I know y’all are mad at me for Leonel’s death. I’m really sorry. I know you don’t believe me, but I cried too. Who doesn’t love Butter Babe?Anyways, if you’re new here, and wondering why there’s so much love for a character that featured just once, I’d implore you to click >>>HERE and get your copies of the Fish Brain series, starting with Fish Brain Clan, and also get His Little Black book to follow the story between Leonel and his sidechick, Anna. You can read them alongside this one, and you won’t miss a thing.Or you could fast-forward into the future with BiyankavitchSo, enjoy today’s looong episode. Read the previous episodes of Where To Find Breasts Saturday breakfast was with the girls…