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The Chronicles of An Adopted Child #2 – Semione Abi

Previous Episode ***** Celina was trying to imagine the words of her mother in law and she kept wondering if her husband’s parents gave up hope on their son and herself. And if they did, what would have been their next step in the next one year if she hadn’t gotten pregnant for him. Her words “Honey your mum just told me an unbelievable story I hope it is true?” are probably the worst thing she had said to her in a long time and she kept on wondering why it had to be her mother who told Tom’s mum about her pregnancy. What happened to Tom? I know we’ve been through this already but I still don’t believe the fact that he did not doubt me at first. Karen burst in with a cocktail and two glasses and disrupted her thoughts with her loud and obnoxious attitude “So girl,…

Chronicles Of An Adopted Child #1 – Semioné Abi

This is a new series from Semioné Abi. He is an upcoming writer and needs your feedback. The work is unedited, so please do read and tell him what you think about it. He wouldn’t mind constructive criticism. Marie woke up feeling dizzy and all she could ask about is her aunt, Mirabel, who she has not set eyes on for one month. “Mom, when is aunt Mirabel coming back”? Her mother, Celina, who is tired of Marie asking about her aunt every minute of the day, gave her the usual excuse “Your aunt is coming soon, I talked to her yesterday and she extends her greetings.” For the fact, she has not heard from Mirabel for a week plus. Marie is a six year old child of Tom and Celina Ndum. Tom and Celina were married for five years without an issue, and then finally got a baby girl after much…

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