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Dugo #17

If Luper hadn’t stayed so long at the mechanic’s shop, if she hadn’t come downstairs for a cup of tea, this moment wouldn’t have been happening. But here she was, granting Udazi audience again. The backdoor was open and Dugo sat there, stirring her cup of tea. Udazi had made herself comfortable in a plastic chair in the kitchen, long legs crossed. Dugo had to admit that there was something stately about the woman. Her beauty was ageless. Even in her sixties she slayed with her elegance. But maybe it was all part of her foul packaging. Her aesthetic presentation had deceived many along the years, covering the blackness of her heart, and it was still doing so. Dugo couldn’t comprehend what type of person she was. Udazi carried out her malevolent acts as if she was doing the world a favor by them. Only a short while ago, she…

Say You Will Stay #5

*** *** *** Isio had been on her bed for a while before she heard a quiet knock on her door. She had been sat, ears pricked up, unable to go in the kitchen or the bathroom for a shower. Biba came in, smiling a forced smile. “Do you want me to bring in your food?” “Is your boyfriend still here?” Isio folded her arms across her chest when her friend didn’t respond. “I thought you didn’t like him? Issy?” She faced the small, wall mirror, picked up a clunky hairbrush and started on her blonde extensions as if she didn’t have a concerned expression on her face. “I like him. I really like him. I know he prefers you because you are the beautiful, sweet one…” “You are beautiful too,” Isio interrupted. Her friend’s self-esteem issues surfaced every so often. It didn’t baffle her anymore. Biba was worse…

The Darker Berry #9

He lingered at the entrance of the house for a few seconds, the sight before him uncomfortable to watch. Still he remained at the door, watching them hold each other. Chibuzor dragged her closer to himself even when she made to end the embrace, his hands stroking her back gently like a mother trying to lull her tot to sleep. Leaning against the wall, Femi continued to watch, a wry smile playing on his lips – how was it that Umi had never seen what this man felt for her? He seemed to drop hints at every given opportunity and even now that he stroked her back, he did it so seriously like one at the embrace Olympics. Femi wondered if the man was comfortable in the friend zone. Or maybe he just liked to watch from the shadows while the woman he liked saw other people. It would be…

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