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Novocaine Knights #14

LEXUS She was dressed and ready for her date with Dominic. Standing by his classiest car she caught a glimpse of her reflection and felt stupid and utterly ridiculous. Save for her new edgy hairstyle, she didn’t quite appreciate the way Ehi had her in a little black dress, subjected her into fixing artificial nails and made her face up. The housekeeper said she looked beautiful, but she disagreed. She had refused the heels given to her by Ehi and settled for the most girly shoes she had – a pair of pink and ash colored sneakers. Dominic’s chauffer, a young guy in his thirties met up with her in the car park and opened the backdoor for her. She chose the front passenger seat instead. The chauffer shook his head in a smile and went behind the wheels. “Prince, where are we going?” she asked. “The Marquee.” “Huh?” “That’s…

Novocaine Knights #9

Previous Episodes LEXUS They ran their tests. Checked this, read that, listened to this, examined that and everything pointed to the fact that something had gone wrong with her. They brought in another set of doctors with their students who went through the entire routine again for a whole day, asking endless questions. Finally, on Sunday morning, they called in the top consultants from the neurosurgery, psychiatry and clinical psychology departments and they conferred with each other in a corner before they invited in Dominic and Eva. Lexus didn’t really bother about the expressions on her parents’ faces when the news hit them. She was lost in her own world, somewhere in the past, and she didn’t want to return. She half-listened to what the doctors were saying, catching a few words here and there. The prognosis was that she was suffering from dissociative amnesia, usually associated with stressful or…

Novocaine Knights #3

Previous Episodes KASIOBI There was nothing he could do. Jordan was sticking to both Eva and Lexus. “Kasi, if Lexus handle you, your life go reset, I swear!” Kasi didn’t like the direction the conversation was going but Jordan pressed on. “That girl, mehn, she’s…” he shook his head for effect. “But seriously, Kasi, you and her never…?” “Never do wetin?” Kasi didn’t even want to consider the question. Lexus was his friend. Anything outside that would destroy what they had. Besides, she was not his type; not that he had a particular type. He just loved females, no matter what size, complexion or height they came in. As long as they were feminine, he was game. But for Lexus, it was hard to say where she fit in. She was always dressed to cover her feminine features and she lacked the grace the average woman possessed. But that was…

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