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No Heart Feelings #2

Previous Episodes Alhaja Nnenna Bahaushe was the first wife of Alhaji Babajide Bahaushe, a major gold and jewelry merchant. He began his business as a trader to the north in the early seventies, selling gold in bulk to top wholesalers and retailers. He was so shrewd in business that his customers named him Nyamiri, an offensive term used for Igbos, even though he was Yoruba. Afraid that the name would stick and spoil his business, he began to call himself Alhaji Bahaushe. Bahaushe was simply the term used to refer to the Hausas, especially those from the core north. With time, the name stuck on Babajide, even though he was neither an Alhaji nor a Muslim. But to fit in better with both his suppliers that were mainly from the Middle East and his end buyers, he changed his religion and took a second wife, a true blood Hausa lady…

Massive Flash Sale On Moskedapages!

Yup! You heard that right! Get three books for the price of one! Because it’s the second half of the year and because I am feeling generous, I would be giving away three of my books at really affordable prices. Get Novocaine Knights, No Heart Feelings and To Tame A Virgin all at the price of N1,500. Each of them have been slashed to N500. Get them all by clicking >>> HERE  For those who want PDF copies, email me Please note that you can’t buy just one. You have to get all three if you want the PDF versions. And of course, the Okadabooks flash sale for In The Name of Papa is still on at N1,500 N700. Offer lasts only seven days. Tell your friends and share this good news. Don’t say I didn’t do anything for you.

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TO TAME A VIRGIN Find out what happens to a young guy from a humble background when he falls for a wild virgin who is out of his league and the source of entertainment for a bunch of guys online who want to see her disvirgined. Also get to meet a geeky girl who finds herself in a relationship with a married man but is in love with a guy who is in love with someone else. You’ll love the mix of crazy characters; from the youth corpers that do nothing but get high every weekend, to the vengeful wife who wants her husband to feel the pain he has caused her. Click Here To Read To Tame A Virgin NO HEART FEELINGS Jimi Bahaushe has just lost his wife, Marie. The pain is nothing like he has ever felt before and he’s not sure he can ever recover.…

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