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The Fourth Finger #2

Read The First Episode Here “There’s no rest for the wicked.” Toni hissed the moment her eyes ran through the number of unread emails she had waiting. A yawn followed. She stretched out on her chair. Her mind told her she needed a burst of energy from a cup of coffee but the pack of cigarettes on her desk looked more appealing. She drew out a single stick after taking off her glasses. There was short contemplation on whether to go ahead with it or not. She was trying to quit but so far nothing worked. Someone had suggested pregnancy and motherhood. She had laughed. “I’ll probably roll over the baby at night or drown it in a bathtub if it disturbs my beauty sleep.” She hadn’t been joking. She once locked a neighbor’s three year old in her closet for an hour because the boy peed on her Fendi…

To Tame A Virgin #4

Read previous episodes HERE The weather was strangely cold and Uyi watched as Temi shivered in her seat even though the AC in the office was turned off and the window next to her was closed. He wondered why of all days, she had decided not to wear a sweater. But needless to say, she was looking good in a plain white top that made no attempt at hiding her breasts and Uyi was glad that she had gone the extra mile to appear sexy. She had been a sight for sore eyes for him, a distraction from the complex matrix systems he had been staring into all day. “Thank God it’s Friday!” A colleague exclaimed with his hands in the air and Uyi knew it was four o’clock. He smiled at the colleague who had gone back staring into his screen through thick glasses. He was a strange…

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