The Chronicles Of An Adopted Child #4 – Semione Abi


“OH MY GOD” Celina said in shock, and didn’t realize when she left her handbag to hit the ground; she covered her hands on her mouth and was filled with glee as ‘surprise!! Happy birthday’ came out of their mouths.

“You guys are crazy” she said with eyes locked with Tom’s, who had come out from where he was hiding, behind the door. He came closer and held her close enough that their lips touched “I can’t believe that I didn’t see this coming, how dumb I can be sometimes” she said

“Dumb enough to want to show your hubby some sugar” Tom said, and locked his lips with hers.“Happy birthday honey” he concluded after they unlocked their lips.

Marie and Mirabel came out of their hiding place, but it took Lucy time to because she was mad that Celina had to spoil the mood she was in. This time, the hallucination was real; she didn’t even hear them say the ‘surprise!!Happy birthday’ asthey had originally planned, it was happening like it was real. The kissing, the caressing, OMG I saw his dick. I hope it’s as big as what I saw in my delusion, she said inside.

The night they came, she and Tom planned to surprise Celina on her birthday, and they involved Marie and Mirabel afterwards. On that day, Celina was surprised that not one of the people in her house wished her a happy birthday, not even Marie, although she left the house before they woke up. “But they could at least call to say happy birthday” she thought to herself. She went to the office that day and luckily she was wished a happy birthday, and eventually allowed to go back home early because it was her day.

Lucy had the best hallucinations she has ever had in her life that day as she hid next to Tom, whose cologne drove her crazy and eventually led her to the craziest delusion ever. She just wished she didn’t say anything earsplitting this time.

Earlier on, Lucy had left after she talked to Tom in his room and it didn’t turn out as she had expected it would. While they hid in Tom’s room, she had hidden behind the curtains with Tom, while Mirabel and Marie had hidden behind the toilet door. Her being able to stand so close to Tom that their shoulders touched, was another reason that made her wish her coming into the room earlier had ended in a better way, which eventually led to the illusion.



Anita is a bit troublesome, she’s Tom and Mirabel’s half sister. Their dad, Maurice, played a little bit when he was away on a business trip and happened to score an expensive goal. He had no idea what had happened until the day he was called that the woman he impregnated died while giving birth, and the family wanted him to care for the baby. He didn’t know what to do, his family is happy; bringing the child home might warrant his wife leaving him. At first he tried to deny the fact that he got the lady in question pregnant, but then the child was a carbon copy of himself leaving him no choice but to claim ownership.

It wasn’t easy back home; his wife, Tom’s mom, almost packed out of the house but then she had too many reasons to stay behind. She eventually accepted the child and has been taking care of her since when she was two months old up to this moment.

Anita is more of a tomboy than a girly girl; she gives a lot of people trouble that warrant the question as to where she got it from. Her mom was troublesome. And she refused to abort Anita after so many troubles from her family, which led to them not accepting the child after her death, because she kept it against their will.

Anita stood there and watched Celina carefully, not knowing what to do “aunty, are you sure you don’t want to go to the hospital?” she said, finally.

“Anita, doctor gave me drugs to take, it’s not the first time this has happened, and you know that” Celina said

“The level at which blood is rushing from you now is not usual o aunty. If you were not pregnant I’d have said the menstrual blood is gushing out too much. But aunty you shouldn’t take this lightly, because before you know it it’ll turn to something else.”

“Fine Doctor Anita, go bring the car keys so we’ll drive to the hospital” she replied

Anita went in and brought out the car keys, they got into the car and Celina started feeling dizzy all of a sudden, she put the ignition on but couldn’t get to kick start the car because she was too weak to, and before she could say a word to Anita, her head was already going down until it was relaxed on the steering. Anita on the other hand, just realizing what was going on, tried to wake her up but no responds from her.

She rushed out of the car and tried to get help, but nobody around. “If only bro Tom had taught me how to drive, I wouldn’t have been looking for help now” she said to herself while trying to dial Tom’s number, with a shaky hand. “If she had gone to see the doctor earlier this wouldn’t have happened” she concluded.

“Hello!!! You see, if you had taught me how to drive by now I would have been taking your wife to the hospital” she said on phone “yes, she collapsed in the car as we were about to leave for the hospital… you better hurry up before something else happens” she concluded

She tried waking Celina up but all to no avail, tears were rushing down her chicks before she knew it, and though she tried to, she couldn’t control it. “Aunty please don’t die on me, don’t give up on your child, bring him/her to this world first before you think about death” she lamented as she cried.

Tom rushed into the compound, and before Anita could realize what was happening, he had already taken her from the car and ran to his car. She followed behind but he asked that she stayed back.

At the hospital, the nurses rushed out with the stretcher as they saw him approaching with Celina on his arms.

She was rushed to the emergency room, and Tom was asked to stay behind.

“I only want to be in this position when she wants to give birth to our child, not in this kind of situation” Tom thought to himself.

He picked up the phone and called Anita, and tried to find out what happened to his wife, Anita told him all that happened, and it made him worry more. He kept walking up and down the hospital lounge and all that kept coming to his head was what was going on inside the theatre.

“Normal fathers-to-be would come here, sit and try to imagine what their wives will give birth to, whether twins, or a boy, or better still, a girl. But here I am, praying that my wife succeeds, praying not to lose my child, and praying not to even lose my wife.” Tom kept aphorizing to himself

“Its ok bro” a voice said to him, and he turned to find a tall athletic looking man staring at him “it’s all part of life; everything will work out for good.” The man concluded.

At that point Tom noticed he was really loud, and he really wished this stranger would just shut up and try to mind his business, but then the man continued

“When I first came here actually, I was saying the same thing as you are right now” the man said, and this actually got Tom’s attention and then he turned to look at him.

“What happened when you first came here?” Tom asked

“My wife was six month pregnant” the man started “and all of a sudden I woke up one morning and found out she had passed out at night, and I found blood scattered all over the bed. I rushed her here and the doctor said I was late, that one of the fetuses tried to come out earlier than it was supposed to” this got Tom’s attention, and he moved closer to the man, then sat down.

“You mean they were two of them?” Tom asked, with sympathy

“Two!” he said “and the doctor had to operate her to remove the one that tried to find its way out, and found out he was already dead”

“Holy Blood of the Most high” tom exclaimed

“The other one had to be removed prematurely, and she didn’t make it too, she died”

At that point Tom was dumbfounded, because he immediately thought about his wife, if what is happening to her is the same with what had happened to the wife of thisstrange man, whose name he doesn’t even know. Before he could think straight and ask the man about his wife, the man spoke out

“And my wife died as well”

“Holy Cow” Tom shouted “pardon my language” he added “it’s just too sad and shocking to hear about this” he concluded

“When I heard that I lost my boy and girl together with my wife on the same day, I caused God, and caused him for creating the earth, I caused him for creating me. And since then, I have blamed God for everything, because my life has never remained the same”

Befuddled Tom was just caught at the moment, and didn’t know what to say, because the guy hadevery right to blame God for letting such happen to him. But then he wanted to say something, he wanted to console this strange man, he wanted to tell him that there was no reason for him to blame God for whatever reason, but just as he was about to, the doctor came into the lounge and asked to see him, Tom.

“Your wife is ok, and the child is doing pretty well. But next time, please tell her to report to me in any case where she feels pain even when she’s on those pills” Doctor Dickerson said

Dickerson, famously referred to as Doctor Dick, is Toms’ personal/family doctor, and has been so since he became a doctor. He has been Tom’s right hand man and roommate since college. He’s a tall and dark man, same height and body build with Tom, but only sexier because he’s still single. And he works out real hard to keep the ladies coming around, even his student nurses and the single working class nurses.

Tom hugged him on the earshot of that news, and then felt bad all of a sudden for the guy that is sitting behind him. He now found words to tell him, he now knows what to say to him, and he should tell him all immediately. Tom thought to himself, but before he could do that, Doctor Dick turned to the strange man.

“You look pretty messed up sugar boy” he said to him

“I know right, I was on my way home, but decided to drop by and see the Dickman” the strange man said

Tom now feeling dim-witted decided to shut up and see where the conversation was going.

“Tom-Silly, this is Samuel, the sugar boy” Dick said “he’s the new head doctor at secret heart hospital” he concluded

“Oh, you’re the so famous Tom-Silly huh?” Samuel said, “It’s nice to finally meet you, I’ve heard a lot about you”

“I can’t say the feeling is mutual Samuel” Tom said. “Have you been ever married?” he added

“c’mon Mr. Tom, don’t take it personal, I was only trying to cheer you up” Samuel said “you were looking like the world has come to an end or something, and I had to give you hope, and make you realize that things happen in this world everyday that yours cannot be compared with” he concluded.

“I see, and of all the stories you could come up with, that’s the one that suited you the most huh?” Tom said “you know you actually made me think my wife was gonna die” he added

“I didn’t make that story up bro, it happened in my former hospital. I was the doctor as a matter of fact and this happened just last year” he said

“I see you two have met yourselves already” Doctor Dick said

Tom brought out his hands from his pocket and offered them to Samuel “it’s a pleasure meeting you bro” he said “you really got me out earlier” he added, “for the first time in my life I didn’t know what to say really” he concluded

“You don’t say bro, I didn’t know how to tell that man that he has lost 3 most important people in his life, on the same day” Samuel said

“That’s the worst part of this job my brother” Dick said “I send my nurses most times because the men will just grab your shirt you know, and make you feel all guilty and stuff” he added

“C’mon guys, let’s go see how your woman is doing, instead of standing here” Samuel said

“You guys should go on; I have to attend to a patient. Will just be a sec” Dick said

“Take your time bro, but try not to kill anyone” Tom concluded, and they left the lounge to the ward where Celina is.

Celina had been having problems ever since she got pregnant, most times she’d bleed uncontrollably and other times she’d slump. It’s definitely not her first pregnancy, but it’s the ‘first of its kind’ and it has been a hell of a pregnancy. Waiting for so long to get pregnant and wishing you were never pregnant, after you become pregnant.

“I’ll not take it likely with this child when its born, I’ll pamper it if I had to, and I’ll give it the beating of his/her life if I have to. Either way, I’m going to love this child till thy kingdom come, because I’ve suffered a lot” Celina said to Tom when he entered the room she was admitted in.

“I’d love it to be a girl, so I can show her all the love a dad would show to his only girl” Tom said

“Come on guys” you talk as if you don’t want any other kids after this.” Samuel said

“We waited 5 years for this, and if after this the kids keep pouring in, well it’ll still be good after all the God that gave us this one is still alive” Tom said

Tom introduced Samuel to his wife, and the rest of that day was chatty and Anita joined them eventually.

But Celina’s condition didn’t stop; she kept experiencing the same thing over and over again. The pills only helped for a period of time, but she didn’t collapse like she used to; only experienced blood flow. These flows of course are not just there because she’s pregnant, deep down there is a problem, “but it wouldn’t stop her from giving birth to your child,” Dick told Tom.

Tom feared for his wife and child because he didn’t want her to worry much, he wouldn’t tell her that she had some kind of trauma, which made her bleed, that much, because it would only but give her more cause to worry.


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