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The Chronicles Of An Adopted Child #6 – Semione Abi



There she stood, like an army prepared for combat, shinny like the sun preparing to augment, glittery like a stone that was picked deep beneath the ocean, dressed like a luminary on a red carpet, and all he could hear himself say was ‘Damn, she is fine’.

He walked up to her and words couldn’t find its way out, as he drew closer, he got more scared, and wished he could have the moment for life, that moment that he had the opportunity to see the only angel there is on earth. The closer he approached, the farther she seemed. But he didn’t give up, he kept going. He kept thinking of the right words to use when he eventually gets a glimpse of her face.

“Are you serious right now, Celina Williams? Are you kidding me, why are you dressed like you’re going for a red carpet event or something?” were the words that came out when I eventually got a glimpse of her face

Celina gave him a slap from behind

“That was the most embarrassing thing a guy has ever said to me” she said “I was so embarrassed, to think that I put on that look just for you to notice me”

“I did” Tom said, “I was taken aback a little when I saw it was you. I imagined the person to be someone else”

“You jerk” Celina said

“Oh come on, she’s mad because she thought I was gonna ask her out on a date you know. I wanted to, but back then I was too fly to bring myself to her level, though she was looking hot, and really turned me on to see her that way” Tom said to Tricia

Back then, Tom-Silly had met on Tricia’s birthday party, where they had the chance to dance together. Tom was among the big boys on campus and had any girl he wanted, at anytime. While Celina on the other hand, was not that popular.

He had asked her to dance with him with the intention that she’d end up waking up from his bed the next morning, but got to find out that she’s not like the other girls; she seemed churchy and a type that wouldn’t want anything to do with any guy, talk less of her ending up on his bed. He tried all the moves with her that day, but none of them worked. Since then he started noticing her in school, and whenever their path crossed, they exchanged greetings.

Celina knew he was trying to get her to bed at the party zone, and as much as she wanted to wake up next to him the following morning, she preferred to do it as a girlfriend and not as a call girl. So she did all she could not to fall into his charms that night.

She liked him but he showed no interest, she did all she could to make him notice him, which led to her dressing up all sexy that day.

“How come you never told me this story” Tricia asked

Tricia and Celina were once best of friends, until Karen came into the picture. Tricia never liked Karen because of her attitude, and started hanging out less with Celina because since Karen moved to their department, she started hanging out more with her. But Celina felt she could have the two of them as friends, even when the two despised themselves that much. Tricia dropped out of school to get married, and since then she didn’t keep in touch with her friend Celina again.

She’s a mother of three, 5ft 6inches tall with curves like one who has never given birth to a child, because  she still keep herself looking sexy for other men to notice. When Tom bumped into her four years back, he came home and asked Celina a question. In his words;

“What’s it with you and your friends looking all twenty five? The ones with kids, ones without kids, even the ones you stopped talking to. Did you guys swear to look twenty five even in your late thirties?”

Celina didn’t waste time to reply him, because she was glad to hear that most of her friends still had the looks they all planned to have when they’re married and with kids, she said;

“Honey, if I was looking like a 50 year old woman in my late twenties, you would not even look at me twice when you wake up. But because I look twenty five in my late thirties that’s why you get aroused whenever you see me dressed up looking all sexy. My friends and I know how to keep our men, and how to keep other men running after us. That’s the secret”

“I just said it was the most embarrassing moment of my life, and you expected me to tell you about it?” Celina answer in response to Tricia.

“So tell me what happened next” Tricia asked

“well, we talked for a couple of minutes, and eventually got her number that day, since then it became history” Tom said

“You know when I think about that day, I feel stupid, to imagine that I dressed that way just to catch his attention, and I was going to anywhere” Celina said, covering her face with her palm

Just then Marie came in, gave her mummy and daddy a kiss, and said hi to Tricia.

Celina introduced Aunty Tricia to her, and told her they had been friends in the university.

“What a beauty you got here Tom-Silly” Tricia said, with Marie sitting on her lap “next time I’ll come along with Joe, just for you” she added

“Who is Joe” Marie asked

“Joe is my cute and youngest son, you’ll like him when you see him” she said “he’s very cute” she whispered to her ears, which made her giggle

“You want to bring your child to spoil my daughter, isn’t it?” Tom said

“who said anything about spoiling?” Tricia asked “besides my Joe is only 12 years, yet he draws the attention of every girl in his school, I’m sure little Marie will fall for him the moment she sets her eyes on him” she said

“Well my Marie is 11 and too young to start falling for guys like Joe” Tom said

The two ladies burst out laughing

“Do I sense jealousy somewhere?” Celina asked

“Who said I’m jealous”

“Come on Tom, it’s written all over you. I can’t wait to see the day this girl turns 18, or when she’s ready to go to college. I’m sure you’ll pack your stuffs and go along with her.” Tricia said

“I can’t wait to see the day my baby will turn 18” Celina said “and I can’t wait to see the look on Tom’s face when he finds out she has a boyfriend” she added

“Will you ladies please stop saying all these in front of my daughter?” Tom said with the ‘you’re spoiling my little girl’ face

Marie gave them her ‘I’m matured’ laugh, and left the relaxation spot, and went in to freshen up

“That girl looks nothing like the two of you” Tricia said. “And she has a really matured mind” she added

“Why do you say she looks nothing like the two of us?” Tom asked “didn’t you see my nose? My lips and her mummy’s curve growing in her?”

They all burst out laughing

“Between me and you,” Tricia said “people are saying this child is adopted, and I couldn’t wait to see her by myself. Seeing is believing” she added

“That’s not news my sister, we’re even tired of hearing that” Tom said

“We are in Africa; Africans can take the smallest thing and turn into a mighty story. Even I will say she was adopted, if I wasn’t in my shoe. Considering how I became pregnant all of a sudden after how many years” Celina said

“Yes o. hmm. That surprised me too also o, to tell you the truth” Tricia said “but it’s from you guys that I knew God really exists.”

Tom and Celina knew she was the brain behind all the rumors that their daughter was adopted. Before the pregnancy, she said Celina aborted a pregnancy when they were still friends, and it ended up damaging her womb that’s why she couldn’t conceive. When she became pregnant, she said Celina was rocking a baby bomb, other times she said Celina pumped her tummy so it’ll look like she’s pregnant.

Celina and Tom knew about all these, and still managed to entertain her. The fact that she was spreading the rumors even when they had not seen after she dropped out from school, surprised Tom-Silly the most, because they never believed they would live to see the day they’ll all sit together like this and gist.

“What made everyone believe she was adopted is the fact that she was born abroad, people say we went there to buy her, in the name of giving birth to her” Celina said

Tricia had said that. They were just hitting her back with her words

“I made her go to the states to deliver my daughter against all odds” Tom said

“I really wanted to stay here and deliver this child so that I’ll put everybody to shame, but Tom made me go. I had no choice, because people will still find a way to talk even if I gave birth to the child in their bedroom” Celina said.

“Hmm, and lucky enough you gave birth through CS” Tricia said “you really put them to shame” she added

“Shame is a minor word” Celina said

They all laughed. Tom-Silly’s’ laugh was the type that had the ‘in your face’ written all over, while hers was that of ‘if only they knew I was the devil’

Tricia has always been known to be a gossip, that’s why Celina didn’t tell her many things when they were still good friends, and the main reason why she and Karen never liked themselves.

Two days into her visit, the worst happened.

Just like the case of Lucy, this was worst.

Tom came back from the gym as usual; Celina was in the kitchen preparing dinner. Tricia was with her in the kitchen, but left when she heard Tom drive in.

“There he is, all sweaty and looking sexy in his sweat” Tricia said

“Oh, did Celina send you to tell me that?” Tom asked

Tricia had forgotten she didn’t lock the kitchen door, and one can hear whatever you say in the living room, from the kitchen

“No Mr.” she said “I only came out to see how hot you look when you come from the gym”

“Now you know how I look, what you gonna do about that” Tom joked

“Well, old me would eat you raw, but I’m all changed now, so I’ll let the sleeping dog lie” she said

Tom laughed

“How does Celina manage to keep you away from these young girls?” she asked “you know girls of nowadays go after men like you” she added

Celina’s attention was caught now; she listened carefully to hear Toms’ reply

“Well, you can ask her yourself” Tom said turning to go upstairs and freshen up “she is the best, so I try not to let the girls get into me” he added

“Well, you let me get into you a year ago” she said “and it felt just like college” she added

Tom signaled her to keep quiet because Celina might be listening from the kitchen. But the deed has been done; Celina had heard what she said.

“Last year? College? I thought he hasn’t seen her after he saw her in Dubai with her husband four years ago?” Celina asked herself, quietly.

Celina kept quiet as Tricia went back into the kitchen, and pretended like she didn’t overhear their conversation.

“How do you keep that playboy from all these girls” she asked

“Well, I give him everything he wants, so he has no reason to find it somewhere else” Celina said

“Oh spare me that” Tricia said “men are always men, anyhow you give it to them, they still go to get fresh outside. I give my husband everything, all the style there is on Kamasutra, yet he still fucks around with his employees and hotel staffs. That’s why he employs only young girls. Asshole” she added

“Tom knows if he tries that I’ll kill him” Celina said

“Yea right, like you’ll even know if he’s fucking around, that man is too hot to be resisted girl” Tricia said

“Of course” Celina replied

Later, after dinner, Celina made sure Marie had gone to sleep. They were relaxing outside and reminiscing about life in college, and how much there have changed.

They went deep into the conversations when Celina talked about the birthday party she and Tom had danced, and how fun it was dancing with him. She knew Tricia had slept with someone that night, and she knew Tom wanted to seduce her but didn’t succeed. Then she came up with a theory, if Tom had tried to seduce her and she refused, means he ended up with someone that night, and that person could be Tricia.

“So tell me, how was Tom back then? Your birthday night, that night we danced, you should remember she asked

“Of course sweetie, I can never forget that night. The night I tried to lure you but you just didn’t give in” Tom said

They all burst into laughter

“So Tricia, how was the sex that night, was Tom good?” she asked

“Of course he was, he’s one of the best I’ve had” she answered obliviously

Then suddenly, the place was filled with silence. At that point Tricia realized what she had done, and tried to cover up

“Did you say Tom? Oh, hell no, I never had sex with Tom back then” she said, in an unstable voice

“But you did a year ago huh?” she said and turned to Tom “and where did you and Tricia meet a year ago that you fucked her and never told me you saw her?”

“Nothing of such happened baby” Tom said “I’ve not set my eyes on her since after the Dubai trip when I saw her and her husband” he added

“the two of you think I’m stupid huh?” she shouted “You think I’m stupid?” she shouted again, this time with her voice high “oh, so you came here to sleep with him again after you slept with him a year ago huh? Or you came here to celebrate the fact that you slept with my husband?”

“Baby stop saying what you’re not sure of” Tom said

“He’s right Celly, stop accusing me and your husband wrongfully” Tricia said

Celina got up and pulled a knife from where she was sitting

“I’ll kill one of you here today, and kill myself if you don’t start talking” she turned to Tom who was sitting down and stabbed him on his right lap.

“You’re going to be next if you don’t start talking” she said to Tricia

“Did you realize what you just did? Tricia asked

“of course I do” I just stabbed my cheating husband, and if you say a word, I’ll stab his other leg and make sure I leave him paralyzed if you two don’t tell me what I want to hear”

She pulled the knife out of Tom’s leg, and left him panting as blood pumped out of it. She raised it to stab the other leg when Tom managed to hold her hand and tried to get the knife from her.

“Have you thought about your daughter?” Tricia said “what will happen if she comes out here and see her dad covered with blood?”

“Don’t worry about my daughter” she’s deep into her sleep that she’ll not know what is going on. You know why?” she asked crying “because I gave her Rozerem, it’ll make her sleep till tomorrow. So it’s just the three of us. And one, if not all of us, is going to die here today if you don’t start talking” she added, still trying to hold her grip as Tom struggled with her.

Tom managed to get the knife from her and she turned the other way round and picked a pestle and threatened to hit Tricia with it, when she started begging, and told her not to do it, that she was going to tell her everything.

“yes we had sex on that day, but you were not even dating yet” Tricia said “and we met a year ago when he came to Johannesburg and we met at the hotel I was lodging, turned out it was the same hotel he was going to lodge” she added, trying to find breath

“Keep talking or your kids will become motherless” Celina threatened

“Come on honey, stop acting this way” Tom managed to say

“if I hear honey come from your mouth again, I swear to my late brother’s grave I’ll hit this pestle thrice on your head and care less about the consequences “ Celina again threatened, and turned to Tricia and ordered her to keep talking

“We hung out a couple of times, because I was there alone, and he too, was alone. Then we talked about college and life, and remembering the times we had sex in college, got us in the mood, and we couldn’t resist” she said “we tried so hard to resist, but it was too much to let go. Then we did it” she added

“Did it? Did what” Celina threatened, lifting the pestle up

“We, we… We… had s….s….sex” she managed to conclude

Celina burst out laughing, leaving the two to wonder why she was laughing.

“see you talking and stammering like a two year old who is just learning how to speak” she said “you spoil my name around town, call me barren, say all sort of things about me, yet I still managed to let you into my house. You slept with my husband a couple of times in college, that I’m not even bordered about, because I know the kind of person he was, and he would have slept with the two of us at once if he had the chance. But I tried so hard to change him, so hard to keep up with him, and you still go ahead to sleep with him even when we are married? She burst out laughing again, but this time, it came with tears.”

She turned to Tom, after she managed to put herself together

“I trusted you, I bragged to the world about you, I made you become who you are, only for you to go on a business trip and sleep with the person I call my friend? How heartless can you be? How many of my friends that found you attractive have you slept with? Karen? Lola? Christina? Oh, or you also slept with Lucy, your sisters friend? Tell me, how many? Tell me! Talk now”

“None honey, none of them” Tom said “I love you, and this was just but a stupid mistake. I’ve regretted everyday for doing what I did, and each time I try to tell you, I lose courage. Trust me, I’ll not do anything to hurt you” he added

“Oh you just did Nigga, you just hurt me soo bad I can rip your heart apart” she sat down for some minutes and tried to find the right words to say, but couldn’t get any.

“You just betrayed my trust” she said, finally. “And I’m not sure I want to be married to you anymore”

“Really? Like really you don’t want to be married to him anymore?” Tricia asked “if he finds out you fucked my cousin Alex when you went to Freetown just few months after your delivery, will he react the way you just did, or is he just going to shoot you and make sure your dead?

Celina’s mouth dropped, and so did her pestle

“YOU DID WHAT?” Tom’s voice came out loud and filled with anger “YOU DID WHAT?” it came out again, this time, like that of a hungry lion.


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