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Remember Ibukun Donald and her love for shoes and men? Read the continuation from last week.

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With my head on his shoulder and my arms around his neck, I felt every sense of reason leaving my body and all I wanted was for him to make a move to kiss me. He smelt delicious wearing the New Givenchy Gentleman Only Intense. I’d had it sent to me as a gifting option so I could tell.

While dancing his hands moved down towards my waistline and I wished he’d let them drop on my bum. Some other people started moving to the dance and I took the opportunity to make my excuses and go the ladies to pull myself back together. Snap out of it Ibukun!

A few glasses of wine, a craving for a company and work on my mind, I made some excuse about an early morning and dragged myself home to sleep.

To console my self, I kept repeating, “Jide is not all that.”

Monday Morning.

I absolutely and totally hate my alarm tone, so when my good friend Alexis suggested, on our last trip to NY for the New York Fashion week, that we buy one of those radio alarms that immediately switch to a station of your choice , I was more than sold.

So my alarm comes alive at 5am every weekday. I wake up to the ever chirpy voice of Toke and Nnaya on the seaside station. Those two always bicker, gotta love Nigerian radio. Maybe if I wasn’t so… hmm what’s the word I’m looking for? Well… if I wasn’t Ibukun Donald maybe I would have been an OAP.

Who am I kidding?

I love my life as it is. I love my job and when I’m not working there is my hobby, collecting all things bright and Manolo to keep me busy! What’s not to love?

I pick out a killer suit for work today keeping in mind the meeting with the MD and the one on one meeting with our top investors. I go for a fitted black midi pencil skirt with just modest enough slit (‘borrowed’ from my sister’s closet) and a white, cropped Banana Republic jacket and spunk it up with some killer pointy Jimmy Choos.

jimmy choo 2

Like most mornings, I head down the stairs to the kitchen where I like to catch up on the news while I have a small protein based snack (gotta watch those carbs!). At the moment there’s a lot going on in our beloved Nigeria and the missing school girls is what saddens me the most. I joined the peaceful protest in Lagos, it was a nice turnout and the Governor was on hand to respond. They keep assuring us that they’re doing all they can to bring these young children home. It just breaks my heart. We need a miracle.

Driving out of Lekki, I’m hoping and praying to the Lord in Heaven that I beat all early morning traffic, because contrary to popular belief the ‘gangsta’ in Lagos motorists does not come out in the morning, nope! They unleash their gangsta-ness in the early morning!

I finally get to work, and in good time and my tummy reminds me that it does not feed on Prada and Manolos. The hunger I suddenly feel is live yo! I ignore it and give my keys to the security officer, Adesiri to park my car in the designated area. He immediately wipes imaginary sweat from his forehead and grins like a palmwine tapper with rich wine.

Me: My Oga at the top! How you dey? How are the wife and kids?

Humoring him, I suspected he wanted some form of settlement.

Adesiri: Madam the Madam! I just say make I tey you say, you dey always look take away! Ah, Mama if we meet for heaven ehn, na me go marry you o.

He rubs his protruding tummy and wiggles his bum as he says, ‘Madam the Madam’

I was almost bent over in laughter.

Me: Oga, I am ready! Just bring the ring and pay bride price.

With that remark, I walk into the office building ready for a tasking day.

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  1. toyosi says:

    Really enjoyed this.infact,I smiled all through.its so sweet and beautiful a piece!so hooked already.

  2. Ustyn says:

    I havent dropped anything here b4 but the whole story seems……..

  3. Ronke says:

    Miss Sally…why am i not getting notifications through my email again????

  4. Marylyn says:

    Am totally inluv wif ibukun nd her personality just makes me wonder! Really interesting and fun! I love it! Kudos!

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