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What To Expect From The Little Black Book Series

On Thursday, via my social media handles, I shared the trailer of the series, The Little Black Book, produced by The Naked Convos. I was not ready for the massive response of love from you guys on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Thank you, fam. Your continuous support has kept me doing this with a smile on my face.

His Little Black Book

The series is going to air soon on The Naked Convos’ YouTube channel. Please subscribe, ask your friends to do as well, and keep your fingers crossed. You’re going to have fun.

Here’s what I would also like for us to do when the series starts showing. I would need you guys to drop your comments on the channel after each episode. The reason is that the more you watch, the more you comment, the more you share, the more money I make. So, I’m counting on you guys to really turn up for me on that channel. Express yourself without holding back. Just as you do on my blog.

Now, about what to expect from the series…
1. Expect it to be different.

The series is an adaptation of the original story, His Little Black Book. Adaptations sometimes go a little differently from the original story. And this is why you hear people say that they prefer the book or prefer the movie, when it comes to an adaptation. Firstly, writing a book is not the same thing as when you write for screen. There are separate dynamics at play. You have to consider commercialization, budget, content, and other factors. With a book, I can pretty much toss in anything I want. So, expect the series to be a little deviation from what you had previously read.

2. Expect new characters.

In creating the story world for the series, we introduced new characters to support the main ones.

3. Expect name changes.

Okay, just one name change. And we didn’t really change it, we just shifted it to the middle. Anna would now be known as Tade. Omotade Anna Folorunsho. The reason for this change was that people drew parallels between His Little Black Book and 50 Shades of Grey. This was quite annoying, to be honest. It has been annoying from the moment someone first mentioned it to me when manswersonline.com shared it. I started writing His Little Black Book before 50 Shades made its debut in the market as a novel. I didn’t even read the book past the first five pages, so I have no idea what the details are. I also slept off while watching the movie. Trust me, it was painful to let go of Anna’s name, but I understood that it had to be done to move the story forward.

4. Expect new faces.

Okay, this particular one is for those of you who are already complaining about Ikechukwu. He’s not a new face, but he’s a new face on Leo—according to you guys. I have read your objections, some of which were hilarious, and I quite understand you. Everybody has their image of what they think a particular character should look like, and this is why the producers were free to pick whom they believed would deliver the role perfectly.

Think of it as that story where ten blind men touched an elephant and described it as different things. It was all about what they ‘saw’, what their instinct told them. A well-rounded character exhibits such traits and Leonel Igwe is that character. Every actor that read for the role brought out a face of Leo I had never seen before. It was the most beautiful thing to watch. Left to me, they would all be Leo, but that wasn’t my job. I was simply there as a writer.

So, please, give Ikechukwu a break before you watch the series. Don’t judge him by his looks; he’s only doing his job. He’s not responsible for how you see Leo in your head. If I tell you what Butter Babe really looks like in my imagination, you might disagree with me. In fact, I shared a photo one time on Instagram and some of you came for my neck.

Just chill, enjoy the show, throw away all you know about it, because it’s a new storyline. Let the actors wow you.

His Little Black Book

5. Lastly, expect wonderful, witty dialogue.

I worked on the screenplay, alongside Abosi Ogba, who is one of the producers of Elevator Baby. His new movie DOD would soon be out too. You guys should go see it at the cinema. Other writers who contributed to the story were Lydia Idakula Sobogun, Olawale Adetula, and Belinda Yanga. The writers’ room was some serious business but a lot of fun. I know you guys would enjoy the finished product of all that hard work.

Someone said that this is a win for all of us, and that’s so true. Before the larger audience out there catches on to the story, you already had front row seat to it. You’re family, and it means so much to me that you’re a part of this journey. Without you, I wouldn’t be here. You turned up for me when The Naked Convos published it on their site, and now we’re here again. You always wanted me to be on screen, you prayed earnestly, and it’s happening!

All I want for you now is to have a good time.

I love you!

If you haven’t read His Little Black Book, click >>>HERE to read it on Okadabooks. It’s just N1500


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  1. Busrah says:

    Yeah! we are guilty for crusifying Ike even before watching him. Ok, we will proceed to subscribe and comment. I am seriously anxious to watch. Congratulations once again Ms Sally. well done.!

    1. Sally says:

      Thank you, sweetie 😘

      1. Etoya says:

        Can’t wait. Amma share, like and subscribe to the whole heavens…lol!
        This is a so much deserved win and I am happy for you.

  2. BubuChesca says:

    Congratulations Sally!!!

    I just saw the trailer!!!

    I think the reason I do not think Ikechukwu should be Leo is because Ikechukwu is not butter enough😂😂😂. He is not butter at all sef…

    You’re right that this is different from the book. However from the trailer I can see that this will be intriguing.

    I will make peace with Anna being called Tade… With everything I am seeing, I should expect a different ending…

    I’m really happy for you Sally and I look forward to watching the series.

    Trust that I’ll be going all out to promote the series!!!

    1. Glowing K says:

      You wouldn’t have said it better Bubu…Ikechukwu isn’t buttered enough joor, Ebuka or Mike Ezuronye would be my own idea of Butter Babe but let’s give Ike a chance too

      Can’t wait for the series to debut

  3. Eguzoro Sylvia says:

    Again, congratulations Sally. I can only imagine how excited you are by this project. I’m super super happy for you. Lord knows a lot of people need to know that we have talent like you here.

    Second, I don’t see anything wrong about Ikechukwu taking the role. The guy’s good at what he does, we probably just haven’t seen him in a movie where he was the ‘main main character.’

    Third, whatever changes were made, I’m confident that you created magic.

    I’ll subscribe, and best believe I’ll share like a mad pelzin when the show starts airing.

    You are a breath of fresh air, and I’ll always cheer for you.

    PS – sorry for the epistle abeg. E-kizes.

  4. Busayo says:


    I will share, share and share and also drop comments. We will take the name change like that ,really anticipating this 💃💃💃💃💃💃

    Thank you Sally, I left a comment on IG.. *running away “

  5. Rikitava says:

    Congrats mama! We honestly cannot waiy

  6. Iyanuoluwa says:

    Congrats Sally! Can’t lie when I saw the trailer Ik didn’t fit my image of Leo. I’ll do all that adjustment in my head now 💙💙

  7. Chinonso says:

    Fun is always guaranteed when it comes to your work. Dankeschön.

  8. Seye says:

    Good to be back on here, and to be welcomed with news as pleasant as this.
    All set, all ready as the series goes live.
    Hearty congratulations Sally

  9. Nicole says:

    I’ve not seen the trailer, lemme rush to see.

    Well-done on the this, Sally. I definitely would watch, share, and comment.

  10. Kemi says:

    This is such good news. To be honest when it comes to fiction you are one of the best there is in the entire world and I am not exaggerating. You are phenomenal! I am just glad more people would be able to enjoy the beauty that is your mind. Very well done!

  11. Peter says:

    Aunty Sally. Happy new year. First of all. I was scrolling through youtube and I saw the trailer of this and I was blown away. I literally cannot wait. More accolades to you mama. Can’t wait to watch.

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