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When God Overdoes…

This story is gotten fromΒ mamalette.

If you’re down in the dumps and you think God has abandoned you, read this and renew your faith today. I hope this uplifts someone. When God does, he overdoes it.

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My husband and I have been married close to 3 years. We live in the US and I have the best health insurance plan there is, my doctors are one of the best at Kaiser, yet no child. I wondered why I couldn’t get pregnant as I remembered how I would get pregnant for my ex boyfriends with ease and I did abort those precious babies with ease as well. I prayed for forgiveness everyday and I promised God that I would never abort a baby again. My pet daughters and family friends would call and say “Aunt I am pregnant and I don’t know what to do”, I would start praying and encouraging them to keep the baby and sometimes send them money for ante-natal care. Some heeded my advice others didn’t but believe me I would cry from my heart when I eventually get that call and hear that voice say “Aunt sorry I couldn’t keep it, I aborted the baby”. I would think about the irony of life and how some have food but can’t eat some can eat but have no food. In 2014, they diagnosed large uterine fibroid and I had an open myomectomy surgery to take them out. August 15, 2014, I spent 5 hours in surgery and when it was over, my skin became so dark and I looked very frail too. My recovery was a long one, I had severe pain and was on heavy pain killers, I was out of job for 4 months.

As soon as my doctor said it was safe to try again my husband and I got very busy in the bedroom. We tried from Dec 2014 through Feb 2016, nothing happened. I was frustrated, as I was few months away from my 35th birthday. On Feb 25, 2016, we decided to go see the specialist so we could start looking into other options available to us. During that visit, she did an ultrasound for me and turned the screen of the ultrasound machine so my husband & I could see, behold, there was a large cyst attached to my right ovary. She measured it and said it was almost 8cm and that she would need to take it out to increase my chances of getting pregnant as I only had 50% chance of getting pregnant as I couldn’t ovulate from my right ovary. As soon as she said that, I remember vividly that my husband said “No More Surgeries”. She looked at him and smiled and said she would like to see me in a month to measure the cyst again as anything close to 10cm requires urgent surgery to prevent further complications, so she concluded that we should plan for another surgery. She scheduled another appointment to see us on April 7. We left the hospital and I cried all the way home as all I could think about was my long hours in the operating room and large stitches on my belly without a child to show for it, I thought about all the many nights I couldn’t sleep due to pain from the surgery and didn’t know how to start all over again. However, my dear husband kept reassuring me that enough of all these medical reports, he said “Honey lets go to God in prayers”. We started a 3 day fast the very next day and prayed our hearts out, on the 2nd day of the fast (Feb 27) I started bleeding and I knew it was odd as my period came 3 days early. When I told my husband, he said to me “Don’t think about it because God is set to do a new thing”. The Sunday of the weekend, we joined Salvation Ministries online service and prayed as well. On March 2, I returned from work and was trying to do our laundry, when I emptied the pockets of one of my husband’s trousers, I found a folded piece of paper, out of curiosity, I opened it, behold he had written ” My Wife’s February menstruation will be the last menstruation for the next months, we will welcome the birth of our first child latest Dec 2016″. I broke down in tears and prayed to confirm it and I hid the paper in my wallet. I remember my husband made love to me that week and for every time, he would hold my belly and pray declaring that there’s a divine conception.

Fast forward, March 27 came and I waited for my period to flow, nothing happened. I imagined since I was few days early in Feb by March 30 or 31, I should have it, nothing happened. By this time I was already asking myself if this was what I was thinking. April 4, I took a home PT and it was positive, my husband held my belly right there in the bathroom and made more declarations. We quickly made an appointment with my doctor for April 5, 2 days before her scheduled appointment to re-measure the cyst. While in her office, she said my PT came back positive, but she would like to check on the cyst, she did an ultrasound and behold the cyst was GONE!!! She turned to us and said, whatever you guys have been doing is working. We went home happy and praising God.

A week later I started bleeding heavily, large blood clots were dropping into the toilet bowl, at some point I was rushed to the emergency unit. The doctor did another ultrasound and said she was sorry as I was in the middle of a miscarriage and that they can’t do anything to stop it, that I should go home and expect more bleeding. She said my uterus was filled with tissues breaking down into blood clots. Devastated, I cried when we got home but my husband kept saying “God’s report is different, the baby is alive”. I bled even more and went back to the hospital few days after as I was losing too much blood, my doctor did another ultrasound and the first thing she said was “I can see a SAC, but it’s empty. I’m sorry I have to send you in for an official ultrasound with better machines, so they can tell us if there’s anything in there”. I went for the official US and the Tech told me sorry all I can see is blood clots, leftovers of a miscarriage. I did another HCG test and my HCG didn’t double. On our way home, my doctor called and said I should make an appointment for a D&C to evacuate the leftovers so I can start trying again. I told her I would get back to her. My husband and I prayed and we agreed that if it’s the will of God, then I should bleed and keep bleeding till it’s all gone but a d&c is a No for us.

I bled and bled everyday for another 2 weeks and then the bleeding stopped. All my pregnancy symptoms had disappeared, but my husband insisted I keep taking my prenatal vitamins and we kept praying. We sowed seeds, as a matter of fact my husband borrowed part of the money for the sacrificial seed. I stopped working and was just home praying for God’s will. On May 5th, we decided to go back to see my doctor just to be sure that we have an all clear as to whether or not the leftovers of the miscarriage had gone away or there’s a testimony, behold, my doctor did an ultrasound and her face turned red as she looked at us, she put the machine on speaker and we heard a loud heart beat at 171 HR. She turned the screen of the ultrasound machine and there was our big BABY kicking away. She called in another doctor to confirm what she had seen and the other doctor said “YES, that’s a baby right there”. When she measured and printed out the scan, the machine printed 9 weeks, 1 day old EDD Dec 3. My Sisters & Mothers, please thank this big God that breaks medical rules for His glory.


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  1. Adefunke says:

    congrats dear, ur testimony shall be permanent

  2. Oluwakemi says:

    HALLELUYAH, Our God indeed is the one that Shows up to show off. He did it in a way that no man can ever take glory for it. I am assured that He that has began His good work in the life of this Woman will definitely bring it to perfect completion.
    Thanks Sally for sharing and reminding us of How Big and Awesome our God is. Have a Blessed day.
    P.S. Still waiting for TFF E20 as promised o.

  3. Anthony says:

    Awwww her husband’s faith held her all the way. Such a beautiful testimony.

  4. Zee says:

    Oh Jesus! Merciful Father! Okakaa! Echete obi esie ike! Mma mma dili gi! I di ebube! I di omimi! Jehovah overdo! You who jumps protocols! Daalu! I claim this beautiful blessing on my family esp in d area of our finances.May God release us from dis dark pit. I pray for unshakable faith and praise to God no matter how dark the times are. Sally nwa mama, thank u for sharing. I am blessed. Remain blessed

  5. bert says:

    Awesome God, A mighty Father who will never ever share his Glory with Anybody.

  6. Sandra says:

    Like wow,!!!! This God is indeed unfathomable.
    My prayer is that God will perfect dis testimony.

  7. Bukky says:

    praise God! God is wonderful. her hubby’s faith keep her goin. its good to serve God o

  8. Pacesetter says:

    Our God us wonderful and he is faithful

  9. Olamide says:

    Wow! God is just too awesome! He always shows that he is the BOSS! I’m happy for the poster.
    BTW Sally, hope you are good. I’ve refreshed this page a million times since Sunday for TFF.

  10. modupe says:

    Our God is always awesome, doing wonders, performing miracles…..and i was in tears reading. you know i always have a thing for birth/pregnancy stories….Come December, we will be here to celebrate the birth of the baby……TOLUWANI

  11. fola says:

    am shedding tears of Joy right now, glory be to God Almighty.your testimony is permanent In Jesus Name.

  12. bola says:

    Allahu Akbar….The only one God,the God that conceals, the benevolent, my God is indeed marvellous.

  13. Toyenlon says:

    God is indeed an awesome God, the one who does a thing and no man can undo, i couldn’t help but shed tears of joy cos i know what it is to wait on the Lord for a while. May God perfect everything concerning your pregnancy and see u through.

  14. AOS says:

    Wow God is Awesome….Congratulations.

  15. May His name be praised

  16. Ritzy says:

    Hallelujah! Sally as I read this story all that came to heart was a song ” Thank You Jesus” Jehovah Over Do!

  17. Emem says:

    My faith has been shaken so many times cos of all the things hubby and i are going through. This woman’s hubby had so much faith and i wish my hubby believed unshakably as he did but at this point i hope my faith will be enough for both of us.
    My reading this today is definitely not an accident.
    I believe that Jehova overdo will show up in my family.
    Thanks for this Sally, God bless you

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