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Where To Find Breasts #11

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Yenkat was finally allowed to go home. Doctor Eunice came into her room, dancing to the beat of some song she was listening to on her earphones. She sang aloud in a jarring tone. Yenkat didn’t find her entertaining. With crossed arms, she sat and watched her. Doctor Eunice danced her way to the bed and stopped, panting heavily.

“I’m so out of shape. Phew! You look good today, Yenkat,” she complimented as she took off her earphones.

“Good morning.”

“Morning.” She began to read Yenkat’s pulse. “Feel better?”

“A lot.”

“Good, because I’m sending you home right now.”


“I am. But you’ll be back here on Friday to have your wound dressed. And on Monday, so that we can take the stitches out.”


“Don’t worry about your bills. It’s on the house. And don’t thank me for that too. Thank Kyenpia.”

“I appreciate everything you’ve done, Eunice.”

“Awww.” Doctor Eunice giggled, tapping Yenkat’s shoulder. “You’re welcome. I hope you don’t mind that I called Omar? I told him to come and pick you up.”

“It’s fine.”


Doctor Eunice stayed a little longer, ensuring that Yenkat was in good condition before she left. Breakfast arrived from Léon Hotels. It was spaghetti bolognaise. Yenkat was still beset by the flu and didn’t enjoy it fully. However, she managed to have enough to satisfy her hunger. At the time she was rounding up, Omar showed up. She hadn’t seen him since Monday. She didn’t know if he was preoccupied with the business of looking for Aanu or simply respecting her wish to be left alone. Not that she had been alone, entirely. Clarence had kept her evenings less boring. He wasn’t much of a chatty person, but he was good company, and it was obvious that he liked her.

Last night, he had asked her before leaving, “Do you think we could have lunch or dinner when all this is over?”

She didn’t think she was ready for lunch or dinner with anyone in the near future, but he had been kind to her. “Sure.”

She did enjoy his quiet presence, nevertheless, and wondered what it would take to ruffle his turf. But asides that, she wasn’t excited about getting much from him. Her thoughts were stuck on Omar. Yenkat didn’t realize how much she had missed him until she saw him again. She was resolute on staying away from him, but was not willing to expunge him from her mind. She hated the futile struggle of trying to keep her thoughts away from him.

“Ready to leave?” Omar asked, coming towards her.


Wearing a white t-shirt on shorts gave him the appearance of someone who had just tumbled out of bed.

Oyin walked in, bringing Polaris along. The little girl burst into a smile at the sight of Yenkat. Oyin placed her on the bed and Yenkat daubed her with kisses.

“Good morning, ma.” Oyin curtsied. Yenkat nodded.

“Please, pack my stuff. Everything.”

“Yes, ma.”

As Oyin saw to her orders, Yenkat conversed with Omar in Hausa.

“Heard from your mom?”

“Yeah. She sent another text to dad on Monday night, says we should stop looking for her.”

“You already mentioned that. Anything since then?”


“She’ll be fine.”

“I know.”

Yenkat trusted Kyenpia. If she said Aanu was okay, the she was. She was not surprised that she had refused to release her. Kyenpia was stubborn, insisting that Aanu needed to suffer a little because of her offensive attitude.

Yenkat couldn’t argue with that, but she felt sorry for Aanu, and wished that she would come home sooner, for the sake of Omar. She could see the worry in him, even though he tried not to show it.


Omar took Yenkat’s hand and assisted her out of the bed. He placed her walking stick in her hand. They walked out to the reception where she signed her discharge papers. She was given some drugs to take home and showered with goodwill messages from the nurses who had cared for her.

The sun burned a little when Yenkat kissed the outside air. She breathed in, enjoying the fact that she wasn’t inhaling the stench of drugs and antiseptic. Omar brought the car to the entrance and she sat behind with Polaris while Oyin sat in front. He kicked off the engine and put the car into motion.


Yenkat had missed her bedroom. The feathery beddings, the quiet lighting, the abstract wallpaper design and soft mix of floral and oriental fragrance in the air. The first thing she did when she got home was to soak in the bathtub. Polaris bathed with her, singing at the top of her voice and splashing soapsuds all over the bathroom floor. Afterwards, Yenkat dressed her up and sent her out of her bedroom to have some alone time to pray. She then applied her favorite lotion on her body, wore a short, colorful kimono and sat on her bed to enjoy a cup of marigold green tea.

It wasn’t easy going through the whole routine on her own, but she was enjoying the simple pleasures of her own space. While she attended to her needs, Omar went shopping for her. She hadn’t objected to the kind gesture when he had offered.

Yenkat sipped her tea with relish. She planned to take something spicier and inebriating in the evening. She hadn’t gotten high in a while. It would be a good time to let her mind go, listening to music and expunging all the bad.

Omar tapped on her door, which was left open.

“Come in.”

He entered the room. “Shopping done.”

“Thank you.”

He placed a shopping bag carrying a collection of feminine sanitary products for her. “You didn’t specify the brand, so I bought all sorts.”

Yenkat smiled appreciatively.

“My mom is back.”

“She called you?”

“No. She called Dad and told him she had been kidnapped and you were behind it, and she was on her way here.”

“She still wants to fight me?”

“I won’t let her. She doesn’t even know I’m around.”

“Tobi, I think you should go.”

“So that she’ll come and finish what she started? As I said, I’m not going to let her in here. So, relax. But that’s not what I came to talk to you about. Can I shut the door?”


He closed the door, sat on the bed and held her eyes with a serious stare. “I want to ask you a huge favor.”

“I’m listening.”

“Before that, I just want to let you know that I know your thing with that guy doesn’t exist.”

“What guy?”

“That Clarence guy.” Omar gazed deep into her eyes with a subtle smile that could pass for a frown. “It’s bullshit.”

Yenkat shrugged. “Anything you tell yourself to make you get by.”

“I know he’s not your boyfriend, but whatever.”

“Are you angry at me, Omar?”

“It doesn’t matter. I can’t force you to do what you don’t want. And I don’t blame you for pushing me away. I just wish you felt as deeply as I felt for you. But then, I don’t expect you to even feel things the way I do, because you’ve been through this stage with someone else and you’re thinking it’s not worth it in the end, so why bother yourself over a small boy?”

“Wow. You have us completely figured out.” Yenkat drank her tea lifting her eyes away from him.

“Just so you know, though, I’m not giving up.”

Her eyes returned to him. She liked the fire she saw in his stare, the way he was intense with her. No man had taken her this seriously before.

“So, the favor I want to ask of you…”

“Please, let it be something I can do.”

“I want you to take guardianship of Polaris.”


“She can’t be with my mom. You’re the only one I want her to be with.”

“Omar, I don’t want trouble.”

“I already spoke to Star and she agrees with it. Her lawyer who’s a cousin is ready to help us work out the legal process that would give you temporary guardianship, if you say yes.”

“Do you know what you’re asking of me?”

“I know…”

“No, you don’t. Your crazy mother, who is on her way here, would kill me the moment she finds out that I’m with her granddaughter.”

“She won’t. I’ll handle her.”

“You don’t know Aanu.”

“I know Aanu. More than you do. Just leave her to me.”

“Omar, I can’t.”

“Please, Kat. You are all that kid has right now. Either that or I quit school and come back. And I don’t want to do that. I need to finish school and get myself stable or my parents would keep treating me like a kid. Please, Kat.”

“Omar, don’t beg me.”

“Please.” He moved closer. She put her cup of tea on the nightstand. “I wouldn’t ask this of you if I had another option. I wish I did, so that I wouldn’t have to bug you, but you love this girl and she loves you. You are all she has right now. Please.”

“Omar, no.” Yenkat groaned weakly. He took her hands. She snatched them back, but he grasped them again and caressed her fingers.

“I hate to put you in this position, but I need you to help me.”

“Oluwatobi, don’t do this to me.”

He didn’t say a word, but continued to caress her fingers. She let out a sigh after having a moment to mull over his request. She took away her hands from his.

“Under one condition.”


“That you forget about me.”

Omar lifted his eyes and gave her a harsh glare. “What sort of fucked up condition is that?” he asked in a low tone.

“That’s the only way I can do this. And of course, I have to be assured that Aanu won’t come for my neck.”

“She doesn’t care about Polaris. I can make her back down.”

“Just assure me.”

“I assure you. But not of the former. I’m not going to slow fade you, mami, because I can’t.”

“Omar, we can’t be a thing, despite what we might feel for each other.”

His angry stare disappeared as he cocked his head to the left. “You feel something for me?”

“No, I didn’t mean…”

He cocked his head to the right. “Fo’ realsies?”

She was forced into a laugh. “Stop being silly, Tobi. I mean it, you have to promise me you’ll stop or I’m not taking care of Polaris.”

He got up. “Argh! This is hard, Kat.”

“Then take your child and go.”

“Come on!”

“I mean it.”

“Okay. Fine.”

“On your word?”

“I promise.” He winced. “On my word and honor. Anything for Polaris.”

“Good. Now, go out there before your mom comes in here with her madness.”

“You’re just gon’ send me away like that without thinking about how you’re breaking my heart?”

“Omar…” she said with a grunt.

“Aiit.” He quickly bent over Yenkat and stole a hasty kiss. “Our last?” he asked.


“Then let’s do this properly.”

The second kiss was more deliberate and sensuous. It was done with his finger underneath her chin, lifting her face to meet his. He broke away and frowned at her. “This is going to kill me, mami.”

“I know.”

“My flight leaves tomorrow night. I’ll be here to say goodbye to you, and Polaris, of course.”


He took his leave.


Aanu wiped the bathroom mirror to get a clear view of her reflection. The steaming shower she just had, left the bathroom looking like someone had burned incense in it. Or maybe it was what was left from the dense marijuana smoke after she had helped herself with a joint before she went under the shower.

She wasn’t sure which. She was high and relaxed, and freed from the anger she had borne for Yenkat. Omar had been her first calming drug. She had taken one look at him earlier and felt ashamed of herself. His eyes had shown disappointment, even though he had been the one who reached out to hug her first. She had wanted to ask him what he was doing in the country, but she was scared of his answer. Scared to hear that he hadn’t come because of her, but for Yenkat.

He brought her home, and her first words as she kicked out of her slippers were, “She had me kidnapped. Can you imagine?”

“She did not. You walked off with some guy…”

“No. She sent somebody to kidnap me. The guy…he had a gun.”

“Come on, Mom. Stop it. I know you hate Yenkat, but–”

“She had me kidnapped!”

“Chill, ma. You’re raising your voice at me.”

His tone silenced her.

“I think you should have a shower and then, sleep,” he added.

“So, you don’t believe me?”

“Mom, please, go and have a shower. We can talk later. I’m not in a hurry. You want me to make something for you?”

She softened, tears thronging her eyes. She felt like the whole world was against her. First, Yenkat. Then, Nasir. And now, Omar.

“Tobi, did she hurt you when you were little? Touch you anywhere she wasn’t supposed to touch you?”

“No, she didn’. She was good to me. She’s not a pedophile. She did not groom me either. My relationship with Star was initiated by Dad.”

“Your father?”

“Yeah. Go and ask him. He was responsible for what my underage self did sexually. But what I did with older women as an adult is all on me. So, I’d really appreciate it if you removed Yenkat from every talk that has to do with my sex life.”

“You called her Yenkat.”

“Aunty Yenkat, if you prefer.”

Aanu strolled to her bedroom like a broken doll. To keep from crying, she smoked what was left of the Marley Kush her gateman had bought for her. Thereafter, she showered with painfully hot water and stood before the mirror. She had had enough time to think about what she did to Yenkat while she was away. She had been treated well by her captors, having been held in manageable lodging conditions. It had only been normal for her to be terrified that worse could happen to her. But when she sailed through and came out unharmed, she began to nurse fresh anger at Yenkat until Omar’s appearance brought temporary distraction. But having just listened to him defend Yenkat the way he did, her former emptions were dredged up. Nothing could convince Aanu that she wasn’t behind her incarceration. If there had been any plans in Aanu’s heart to make peace before she was taken, she had now changed her mind. Yenkat was not to be forgiven. Somehow, she would find a way to make her pay.

Aanu brushed her teeth and sprayed her favorite perfume. She hadn’t smelled good in days. She came out of the bathroom feeling as fresh as a newborn. The aroma of something cooking in the kitchen pervaded the air. She put on her clothes and followed the scent.

“Just sit down,” Omar said to her. “I’m almost done.”

“What are you cooking?”

“Iya mi, sit down.”

Aanu was starving for some real food, intensified by the weed she had smoked. She waited impatiently until Omar stepped out with a meal of boiled yam and eggs. On the side was a sweet and spicy tomato sauce with sausages.

“Bon appetit.”

“Aren’t you eating?” she asked.

“I already ate.”

“Oya, sit down and gist me about school.”

She was asking of him a strange request. They were not the mother and son that sat down to talk about anything. She had always been too busy for him in the past. But now, she felt sorry for being distant, although she couldn’t bring her lips to tell him how sorry she felt.

“School is good.”

“But you don’t send pictures.”

“You don’t ask for them.”

“Okay, be sending.”


“So, talk to me, oko mi. Tell me how Italy is. Any girlfriends?”

Omar gave her a look that made her take a detour in her questioning.

“Are the courses difficult?”

“Some are. Nothing is easy, but I’m having fun, generally.”

“How’s work?”


“I wish you’d communicate more, Tobi.”

“Seriously?” His arms were spread out on the backrest of the sofa he sat on, his legs crossed.

“Just saying.”

“Iya, eat abeg.”

She consumed the rest of her meal like someone who hadn’t eaten in years. While with her captors, she had been fed factory-made sausage rolls and sugary sodas until her tummy began to hurt.

“You want more?” Omar asked after she had finished eating.

“No. I’m very full.”

He took the tray to the kitchen and returned, sitting down. “Okay Mom, let’s talk.”

“About what?” She lowered the bottle of water from which she had just drunk.

“About that shit you did to Yenkat.”

“None of your business.” She forced sternness into her tone. “And for the last time, she is Aunty Yenkat to you.”

“You fucked up. Do you know you almost killed her?”

“I will not have you talking to me like that, Tobi. Watch your tone. What went on between both of us ladies, was between both of us. And like I told you earlier, you didn’t have to fly all the way down here, wasting money that your father worked hard for. Nobody was dying.”

“You need anger management, Mom.”

“And you need to watch that mouth. Is that how you talk to me now?”

Omar rested his elbows on his knees, pulling his weight forward. “Mom,” he called firmly. “Your anger is always out of control. You need a therapist to help you.”

“I don’t need anything. What I did, any mother would do. It is not heard of that a woman’s best friend would be shagging her son.”

“We didn’t shag…”

“Not yet. What do you think she is aiming for?”

“She isn’t aiming for anything, Mom. I am the one going after her.”

“Or so she’s made you believe. Oluwatobi, you’re still a little boy. A baby. You don’t know the ways of women. Yenkat has seduced you into thinking that you’re the one lusting after her. She will then use you and dump you. Shine your eyes, boy! Be smart!”

“Have you finished?”

“And stop talking to me like I’m your mate! Respect me!”

“I have respected you all my life, Mom!” Omar shouted suddenly. “But do you deserve the respect?”

Aanu flinched.

“Should we talk about my childhood and all the times I walked out of my room in the night to get a drink of water and I saw you and some new strange guy on the couch? How about the occasional boyfriend that would live with us and you’ll make me call him ‘Daddy’, maltreating me but worshipping him as a king? How many of those guys did you date again? Six? Ten? What of the times you’d get mad outside for whatever reason, come home, and beat the hell out of me for what I did not know? Then the next day, you’d cry and beg me with sweets and chocolates and those stupid ten naira toy cars!”

“Ah, Tobi…”

 “Would you be honest enough to admit that all the times you left me in Yenkat’s care was because you knew you couldn’t figure out how to take care of me? Not because you couldn’t be a good mother, but because you looked at me and you were reminded why your father wanted nothing to do with you! Why people out there judged you! Why you had to settle for useless men, because the ones you wanted didn’t want you, because you saw yourself as finished goods! So, you’d dump me with Yenkat and she’d love me as I deserved to be loved. Like a son and a human being! With love and respect and care – all qualities you didn’t have and you couldn’t give!”

“How can you say that?”

“And you’re wondering why I love her?”

“That is not love, Omar!” she bit back, clapping her hands to drive home her point. “It’s lust! And you need to be cleansed of it!”

“No! You need to be cleansed of your past, Mom! From the abuse you faced in your home and from the men you dated. You need to be free from that or you would keep hurting the people that love you! Have you forgotten everything Yenkat and her mom did for you? Yenkat, especially? Have you forgotten?”

“But Tobi, she raised you as her son. She is my best friend. This is not right. I cannot accept it! Yes, what I did to her was wrong, even though it was not intentional. I only wanted to take the key to the door–”

“You were drunk and you wanted to drive a child, my child under the influence! Have you forgotten that you almost killed me the same way when I was seven? You lied to everyone that your brakes failed. But you were drunk, Iya. You almost killed me!”

“Omar, why are you bringing up my past and using it to judge me?”

“Because your past is still here, Mom! You haven’t healed from it. You need help.”

“Okay.” She raised her hands. “I agree. I will go for counseling in church.”

“That’s not enough. You need to see a professional. Somebody who is trained to handle cases like yours. This is not a spiritual issue.”

“I know. But can we just stop talking about these things? It’s making me remember stuff I’d rather forget. Please, let’s stop.”

“Are you for real, right now?”

“All I want is for you to remove your mind from Yenkat completely. See…” Aanu left where she sat and took the space beside Omar. “I love you, oko mi. More than she does. More than anybody can. I am your mother. I suffered for you. The people I loved, they hated me because of you, and that’s why you mean everything to me.” She began to sob. “You won’t understand, oko mi. But one day you will, because you’re a parent too. But until that day comes, please, I beg you, my love, cut away from Yenkat. She is not for you. She can’t love you the way you love her.”

“Who told you?”

“I know her. Is she not my friend again? She has closed her heart to men. I know her more than anybody. Apart from that, it’s all wrong. So, so wrong. She is disrespecting me by doing this. What do you think people will say?”

“I don’t care.”

“What will your grandfather say?”

“I don’t give a fuck.”

“He will blame me.”

“His opinion never mattered to me. He’s a bigot.”

“Ah! Tobi!”

“I said what I said. He’s a misogynistic bigot.”

“Will you shut your mouth!”

“Mom, look… I love your friend, and nobody will stop me from feeling the way I fucking feel. Not even her. So, don’t waste your time. Second thing you should know is that she is going to be responsible for Polaris from now on.”

Aanu pulled back. “Meaning what?”

“Meaning, I cannot leave my daughter in your hands. I already talked to Dad and he’s in support. Polaris is better off under Yenkat’s care.”

Aanu felt like she had been stabbed.

“Star’s cousin is going to work out the legal documents to ensure that this happens. My better judgment warns me not to tell you this, but you need to know now and make your peace with it. If you try shit with her, you’ll hate me for what I’ll do to you.”

Aanu’s reaction to Omar’s words was a smarting slap on his face. He shifted a little to stare at her as she shot up to her feet and towered over him.

“Look at me well Oluwtobiloba Omar Mustapha! I said look at me! I am your mother, I gave birth to you, and I will not have you disrespect me in any manner! I know that witch has twisted your mind against me for you to enter my house and talk to me like you’re talking to one of those small, useless girls outside! I will not have that! As for your child, do whatever you want to do with her! She’s none of my business! But let nobody sha bring her to me when things start to fall apart! And you see this nonsense love that is shacking you for Yenkat, I will clear it by fire, by force! Go and tell her I said that! I will clear it from your eyes when I’m done resetting her useless brain!”

Omar stood. “You shouldn’t have touched me.”

“You’re mad! I will slap you again! It’s like you don’t know me! Try yourself!”

“In the end, there’s no difference between you and Grandpa.”

“Get out of my house!”

“I’m gone.”

She followed him to the door and banged it hard after him. She raged, as she paced up and down her living room. Speaking to herself, cussing Yenkat. Her anger burned like a coal train, powered by bitterness and pain, but she soon ran out of steam and collapsed on the couch in tears. She knew she was losing her son to Yenkat, and there was nothing she could do to stop the way he felt. But she wasn’t going down without a fight. That was what mothers did. They protected their children, no matter what it would cost them. She would fight to have her son free from Yenkat’s clutch.


Jaffa. Tel Aviv. Idara’s flight had just touched down and she was being conveyed in a covert manner to Leonel’s destination. The vehicle she was in had been tinted to stop her from seeing what was outside. There was a man with her. He had shown up at her hotel room in Lagos the day after her visit to Captain’s, and taken her passport. He had also captured her image with a camera. By Tuesday, her Israeli visa was ready. Idara was not surprised at the express delivery. Captain was friends with the ambassador.

She packed what little she had come to Nigeria with. Most of her clothes were back home in Nairobi where she worked and lived. Captain’s contact person promised that she would have clothes and everything she needed waiting for her in Tel Aviv. He took her phone for a few minutes and returned it. She was certain that she had been bugged.

“When you arrive at Tel Aviv, you will be under twenty-four hours surveillance. Your sessions with Leonel will be recorded, audio and video together. You are not allowed to go out of the scope of what you and Captain have discussed already. Captain expects positive results in two months. He also expects you to have a good time in Tel Aviv.”

“Locked up in a house, I assume?”

“You will find all you need in your lodgings. Leaving the premises would be considered a security breach and you would be treated as a hostile should you attempt to break out.”

“Break out?”

“Are my orders understood?”


“Good. I will come for you tomorrow at 0600 hours. Please, be prepared for the trip. It would be a long journey. Goodnight.”

Idara hadn’t bothered to break her head over her situation. She simply went to bed and looked forward to a restful night. By morning, the man was at her door. She was all set for the trip. The consolation she had was the fact that she would see Leonel again.

Captain’s contact conveyed her to the airport. Their flight to Tel Aviv was via Captain’s private jet. He was too paranoid to allow her fly via commercial means. Scared enough to have the car conveying her to their destination tinted out to stop her from finding her way back.

They got to the house by half past eight. It had been almost twelve hours of being in the air and on the road.

Idara was shown to her quarters. It was en-suite, with everything she needed. After she had cleaned up, she was served dinner. She noted that every single worker in the house was Nigerian. It was not surprising that Captain couldn’t trust his own shadow.

“When do I get to see Leonel?” Idara asked the strange man who had been her companion all day. He was seated with her at the dinner table.

“Tonight, if you wish.”

“Thank you. What’s your name?”

“John Doe.”

“That’s not a real name.”

“Well, now it is.”

“Okay, John Doe.”

Idara watched him. He ate as if he had all the time in the world, which was a huge contrast from the way he had acted towards her over the past two days. His manners were refined underneath the cold exterior. It left her conflicted, just like the fact that he spoke and dressed well but had scars like a lout on the streets of Lagos.

“So, John Doe, are you going back home or will you stay here with us?”

John Doe stopped eating and looked at her. “I have been instructed not to communicate with you, because you are a dangerous woman. They say you have a way of making someone think they are someone they are not.”

“That wouldn’t be a problem with you, would it? You’re the one who is a John Doe.”

“Ha ha.” His face was without a smile. Wide eyes observed her, making her shudder.

“Eat up and let me take you to Leonel.”

Idara was done with her meal already. She let John Doe know.

“Come with me.”

She pushed away from her chair and followed him down a hallway that was dark and long. She didn’t know how big the house was, but judging from the length of this hallway, she guessed it was an impressive piece of property. Probably in a highbrow area, but cut off from the scrutiny of the public. Idara knew Captain’s ways.

“Try not to make any sudden noises in the presence of Leonel,” instructed John Doe. “Such things irritate him.”


They got to the end of the hallway and stopped. There was a guard with a gun manning the entrance of a door.

“He likes to spend his evenings here, listening to classical music. Do not disturb. I’ll come back for you in ten minutes.”

“Thank you.”

The guard opened the door and Idara walked in. The room was large, with soft lighting. There was nothing in it, save for Leonel seated in a wheelchair and the sound of classical music playing. Idara took slow steps towards him until she was standing in front of him.

“Hi Leo.” She let out a smile. “It’s me. Idara. Your favorite on and off psychotherapist.”

He stared at her. No sign of recognition. No expression.

“I came all the way for you. It’s so good to see you alive. I thought I’d lost you.”

The music playing reached a high crescendo and she noticed that his fingers drummed on the armrest of the chair in perfect rhythm.

“Well, I’m here now, and we’ll embark on the intense journey of making sure you’re back in shape.”

He continued to drum his fingers.

“I’ll see you at breakfast tomorrow, okay?” She touched his hand. “Welcome back, Spirit.”

His fingers stopped moving. His eyes lowered to her feet and traveled all the way up to her face.

“Hi there,” she said. They seized each other’s eyes for a bit. Leonel eventually blinked and cast his stare elsewhere.

“I’ll see you in the morning, Spirit.”

He seized her hand as she was about to leave.

“Idara,” he called fluently. “I’m not Spirit. But let’s continue to fool ourselves.”

He let go.

“Alright,” she responded. “Goodnight whoever you are.”

Idara left the strange room. John Doe was waiting outside, reading a newspaper.

“How did it go?” he asked.

“Doctor-patient confidentiality.”

He folded the newspaper and placed it under his armpit. “Did I forget to add that you report everything to me?”

“That’s not how I work.”

“Well, that’s how we do here.”

Idara stopped outside her door.

“I answer to no one.”

“Okay, lady.”

She entered her room and shut the door. Picking the new journal she brought for Leonel, she put down the first entry. After that, she undressed and lay on the bed. She wasn’t sure what had just happened in that room. Was it Leonel who had spoken to her or was it Spirit in his usual mischief, trying to throw her off?

Whoever it was, Idara wasn’t looking forward to taking on the job Captain wanted her to do. Her past with Spirit always gave her unpleasant memories. He was ill-behaved and enjoyed playing games, always employing his skill as a psychologist to trick his way out of treatment.

Idara wasn’t sure she was ready. More importantly, she wasn’t sure she was going to do Captain’s bidding. The challenge, now, was to get Leonel to turn against himself.

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