To Tame A Virgin

Finally! To Tame A Virgin Ebook Is Now Available

Good morning, sweethearts! Due to popular demand, To Tame  A Virgin is finally available and in an ebook, revised and edited, This was the story that made me hit, guys. My most plagiarized work so far. So, if you’ve not read it, you better do so now. For everyone who asked, you can now go ahead and get your own copy from Okadabooks by clicking>>> Here. It’s only ₦1500. You can also get the PDF version directly from me by dropping a comment in the comment box, using a functioning email in the space provided for emails. Please, do not drop your email in the comment box. Just use a functioning email so that I can reply directly to you. Be sure to check your spam box if you don’t get a reply from me. Have an awesome weekend!

To Tame A Virgin #11

So, this episode is really long, so I had to break it into two. Enjoy! Read previous episodes of To Tame A Virgin HERE Dami was in a good mood. A very, very good mood. She loved it when it rained. She always had a mad desire to run under it like she loved doing when she was little. Uyi nicknamed her ‘wet girl’; a name that connoted more than what the rain did to her. Monday morning came with an angry downpour that put Uyi in a bad mood. Unlike his sweetheart, rainfall never eased his state of mind or emotions. If anything, it made him worse. He grew up in poor conditions and the rains meant for him then, a leaking roof, a flooded neighborhood with water carrying all sorts of filth and debris, and the fear of being constantly struck by lightning (having experienced it once as a…

To Tame A Virgin #10

Read previous episodes of To Tame Virgin HERE Kachi couldn’t believe what she was about to do as her fingers formed a fist and rapped softly at the door before her. She had prepared a speech with solid points and a winning ending but as she waited for the door to be opened, she felt her nerves give way. Travis who was beside her was hopping from one foot to the other restlessly and humming a tune she couldn’t quite make out. She knocked at the door again and pulled in a bolstering breath as she waited. “Maybe he’s not at home,” Travis said and continued with his music, adding a rap Kachi thought sounded vaguely familiar. “Yeah, maybe.” Kachi brought her bag to her face and was going for her own copy of the key when the door opened from within and Dike appeared before her with a sleepy face…

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